Jun 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Day 4 - Beyond the Blog

Design credit: Sarah of Puss Reboots

Welcome to day 4 of Armchair BEA. I can't believe it's almost over! Anyway, today's topic is about going beyond the blog: doing freelance writing, monetizing the blog, working for the newspaper, making connections in real life, etc. I think I fall on the 'want advice' side rather than the 'give advice' side of this topic, so here we go.

I don't do any freelance writing, but I'd love to do some editing. I have no professional experience with it except that I am a stickler for correct grammar/spelling/punctuation. I don't particularly want to go back to school, so it's something I want to educate myself on. If you have tips to get me where I need to be, I'd love to hear them. Even if it IS just to go back to school, if I hear it enough then maybe I'll do it!

As for monetizing the blog, I've done a bit of research. I've added some advertising through Google AdSense. Not a huge fan of this, but it helps. I also am an Amazon Affiliate which brings in a bit of money if people use the link. I've looked into some other things, but really it's all just a bit of spare change from a bunch of different places. I've become linked sites like with Sponsored Tweets, Swagbucks, and Superpoints, (those are all referral links so click them! hehe) but it's not much. This is where I want some more advice, too. What do YOU do on your blog to bring in any money? I'd love to start selling ad space to authors who want to promote their books on the front page of my blog. I'd also love a new design that will showcase that more. It's all in the works, folks! Let me know if you're interested, though :o)

I wish I had a job in publishing or in books at all. I'd be fun to run a Twitter account and Facebook account for a publishing company to promote books. I'd be great at promoting. (Goodness, now I sound like I'm applying for a job.. haha.) But really, my life (outside of my normal, boring day job) is books. I live for this blog, I read constantly for this blog, and I enjoy it all! I love being a part of this community, giving recommendations, and spreading the word about great books. One of these days, someone is going to hire me for this. I swear.

Real life connections are hard for me. I'm pretty shy until I get to know someone. I wish I was more of a go-getter, and sometimes I can fake it pretty well. I have met some fantastic bloggers in real life, which just astounds me. And I go to author signings as much as I can so I can get some unique content for the blog (and to meet all the super awesome writers I gush about all the time!). Also, one time I gave my bookmark to an author and she said, "OH, I've heard of you." I just about died. It pays to get the word out, really. I just don't want to be pushy. I dunno. Thoughts?

I'd love any and all advice, kind words, thoughts, concerns, criticisms, etc that you have to offer. I'm up for anything at this point, next to maybe groveling on hot coals, but I'd certainly consider it for the right thing. Gah. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, and if I can do ANYTHING for ANYONE out there, don't ever hesitate to ask. I put others before myself to a fault sometimes, but it makes me happy to do so. Ask away, peeps. Love you all! <3


  1. Love your post today. Thank you or all these great ideas.

  2. We have pretty much the same things.... wish there was more to it.

  3. I have no advice to give you since this is not my area of knowledge at all... but I do wish you the best of luck! Sounds like you'll be able to do anything you set your mind to!

  4. The only thing I do is Amazon Affiliates. The reason I do that is because it is specifically related to the books I talk about. I'm not a fan of all the adds I see on blogs.

  5. No advice but good luck with making money for your blog.

  6. You are so sweet Mickey! Have I ever told you that you're one of my favorite bloggers? (yup . . .) anyway, I think we're all a bit shy when we're not behind our computers in our comfort zone. I get shy when I'm at an author signing alone and I KNOW I'm going to get ignored, or pitied by people. Then when I'm with Sam we sit there, have our inside jokes, talk, laugh and we seem to draw people to us. It's great times, everyone becomes part of the gang with us. :) Soooo you wanna edit some books huh? ;) I might have a book that could use a beta reader if you're up for it. ;)

  7. I think school's the way to go if you want to get the right credentials to be an editor. If people are paying for the service, they'll typically want to see something until you have a body of work under your belt.

    Or maybe intern for an editor and learn through experience. You can always start as an assistant publicist and work your way up through the ranks.

    Most people do start in publishing as interns and then get assistant publicist jobs and they often run the social media stuff like Twitter and FB. You can use your blog as part of your resume.

    Congrats on the 1,000 followers by the way! And good luck with the monetizing. As I have no real experience with it, I have no tips. But author advertising sounds like it would be great unless there is a conflict. If you happen to not like the book, or you want to review a competitor's book while the author is promoting theirs through ads.

    I wish you success in finding advertising! Happy ABEA! :)


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