Jun 22, 2012

ALA Bound!

That's right!! I'm heading to Anaheim today to attend ALA with Jenny from Books to the Sky! I am so so so excited! I've been getting tips and tricks on what to do, what to bring, and what to wear. I absolutely CANNOT wait to get there! The idea of being around all those books, book lovers, and book bloggers makes me giddy. Hopefully I get lots of great pictures, books, and new blog buddies! I'm going to attend one of the blogger meetups, probably the California Pizza Kitchen meetup that Ishita from The Reading Fish put together. Although, now that the time changed, we might be able to go to the Great YA Blogger Meetup too! It's going to be a long weekend, but it's going to be GREAT! I hope my phone/camera cooperate and stay charged so I can take amazing photos and tweet updates while we're there.

Anyone else going? Want to meet up? Let me know! We'll make it happen!!


  1. Have fun Mickey!!! I wish I was there!

    We Fancy Books

  2. Oh, have so much fun! im not going but I'll be here reading everyone's post about it. :O)

  3. Oh Gosh, everybody is going but me. I don't know how this thing works!! Do you have to pay? how many days is the event? how crazy is it? I'm freaking one hour away! lol


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