May 25, 2012

TGIF - Show Me Your Cover

Hosted by Ginger over at G-Reads, TGIF is a way to recap the week on your blog and answer a fun question she asks bloggers. Linking up spreads the word, so visit her blog for more info and to participate! :o) Here's the question for this week:

Show Me Your Cover: What are some of the worst book covers, but hold some of the best stories inside? Don't be embarrassed, show us your cover!

There are two that I think are not necessarily the worst covers, but they don't represent the story inside well enough to be a GOOD book covers. This is why we don't judge, right? ;o)

Karen Marie Moning has written a pretty epic series when it comes to Jericho and MacKayla. This cover is so romance-y that you would have no idea that this story has faeries and Irish guys, right? Ugh. Silly romance cover. Wah.

Then there is the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. It's got some flashy colors on it, and I get the thing with the blue people. But if you haven't taken a chance on this series, then it makes no sense! I don't get the same feelings from the story as I do from the cover on this series. Oh well.


  1. Yeah I wasn't a fan of that particular Fever cover! I ended up buying the newest version.

    Also did not care for the newly made up covers of the Mediator series! I loooooved that series! I really liked how the covers (the first 4 at least) looked when she wrote them under Jenny Carroll.

    They were more interesting, they had a shadowy figure on one half of the book--the ghost, and then there was Suze's eyes on the other half. So those were more intriguing and it was what led me to pick up the first book. These new ones are kinda blah, I don't like the no face look.

    And if I remember right, and it's been years since I read the books, I don't think Susannah wore skirts and got all dressed up for school or wherever she's supposed to be in that scene cover.

    Sorry for the long comment! Your picks just got me going in agreement! :D

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Jessica, thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate your thoughts. You hit on some of the main things I totally agree with about those covers. Blah. I'm so glad I read them, but I wonder how many people DON'T because of those covers!


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