May 26, 2012

Secondary Character Saturday - Abby Normal

Hosted by Hannah @ In the Best Worlds, Secondary Character Saturday is all about celebrating the sidekicks in the literary world! Check in on Saturdays to see which secondary character is being highlighted and chatted about on each blog by visiting Hannah's site. Link up by leaving a comment on her post each Saturday. Enjoy!

Abby Normal

In May 2010, I was reading this series of books and came across Abby Normal. She doesn't really SHINE until Bite Me, which is the third and final book, but she shows up You Suck as well. I originally wrote this about Ms. Normal: "Abby Normal is now my new favorite character. She's so crazy and funny. She's ditsy with an intriguing way of putting words together. She keeps it interesting for sure." That's pretty much Abby! She's a vampire-wannabe, and her teen speak is so sarcastic and funny. She tries to always use big works and sound so smart, but she's just hilarious and silly. It could also have been the awesome narrator they used. I can still hear her voice hissing "Nosferatu" all over the place! If only the world had more of Ms. Normal's humor ;o)
Let me know if you've read this series and love Abby like I do! Or maybe you haven't read it but now want to - let me know that too! And join in on the fun over at Hannah's blog. Happy three day weekend, y'all!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining today! I haven't read these books but Abby sounds like so much fun =)


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