May 7, 2012

How To Get Your Book Published

How to Get Your Book Published

Agents, proposals, manuscripts and time go into the process of book publishing. Before a book ever gets into the hands of a buyer, years of labor and marketing go into a single project. For novice writers, a first-time adventure into the world of book publishing presents a series of risks, stresses and yes, even heartaches.

Most first-time authors might receive zero offers from publishers, while others might get as many as 10. Whether a writer receive one or 10, every author who is interested in getting published undergoes the same steps.


The best writers are also the most experienced readers. Expose yourself to literature. Read the classics. Buy contemporary books. Do not limit your abilities; go out and read! Every author who aspires to one day to get published needs exposure to literature. Reading exposes an author to great writing mechanics. If an author does not read, he can never compare his own work to that of published writers.

Write Your Proposal

You might have attended the best accredited online college, but if you have no proposal, no agent will ever look at your manuscript. A proposal is like a handshake. This abstract assignment introduces your main ideas about your book. A proposal also gives the publisher and agent insight as to the selling potential of a book.

You want to allure an agent with a proposal. If you cannot persuade an agent about the book’s potential, you will never convince a publisher either. Focus your attention on writing the proposal before you decide to write a manuscript. What’s the point in writing a manuscript if no agent finds the proposal any interesting?

Save yourself some time; write the proposal first and then the manuscript. Polish up the scope of your proposal. Organize your thoughts accordingly. Make your ideas shine. Remember, your proposal is your first impression. If you cannot convince an agent of the book’s selling power, good luck trying to persuade a publisher.

Hire an Agent

No publishing company will ever look at a proposal from an author without an agent. The only exception to this rule: author’s looking to publish academic books. Hiring an agent can be tough. It’s not as if you can simply open the phone book and find a publishing agent.

Look at an agent’s blog. Contact his office. Ask a friend who’s in publishing or even a fellow author. Once you find an agent, the hard part is getting him to consider your proposal. If your proposal cannot actuate an agent to pass it on to a publisher, say goodbye to your publishing dreams.

Take Your Best Offer

After you allure your agent, he’ll pass on your proposal to publishers who might be interested. After publishers take a look at your proposal, some might make an offer, others may pass. Each interested party will make an offer. The guidelines, pay and schedule will differ from each party. If you’re limited to just one offer, take it. For a first-time author, not many publishers might be willing to take a chance on a newbie, so it’s always best to take whatever you can get.

Once you agree to the terms, the next year or two lets you write and live in peace. Getting to the stages of writing takes hard work. Your MFA degree in literature might impress some agents, while your proposal might persuade publishers to take a chance on a first-time author.

Before you embark on getting published, prepare yourself to endure some heartaches. Ready your mind to handle rejection. Do not get offended if several agents and publishers pass on your proposal. Sometimes, all you need is to refine your proposal to get individuals interested.


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