May 15, 2012

Cover Reveal/Giveaway: KA Tucker - Allegiance

WOW. Just wow. I am SO pleased to present you all with the cover reveal for Allegiance by KA Tucker!! This series is absolutely addicting, so if you haven't started it, NOW is the time. Allegiance will be out in November, so you have until then to read the first two books!!!

KA Tucker - Allegiance
Casual Enchantment #3

• Pub Date: November, 2012
• Publisher: Papoti Books
• Format: Paperback/Ebook
• Age Range: Young Adult

Evangeline finally got what she longed for—the cursed pendant off her neck and Caden in her arms—only it came at a steep price. An unknown poison now courses through her body, slowly morphing her into something no one but the Fates can foresee. She has her suspicions, though...and if she is right, it will spell certain ruin for her and Caden. But she won’t last long enough to realize that, if Viggo and Mortimer uncover the treasonous secrets she keeps from them– that Veronique, no longer entombed, is now in the torturous clutches of the witches and the People’s Sentinel, or that she is protecting a Sentinel within their very midst.

Always the naive human caught in the vampires’ web of deceit, Evangeline is now weaving her own dangerous web so she can keep her friend alive, rescue Veronique, and stop a seemingly inevitable war from erupting. But can her honor handle the depths of duplicity to which she must descend, in order to be in league with the vampires?

Dark and gripping, riddled with angst, Allegiance will have readers anxiously turning pages to find out if Evangeline can survive, or if she’ll spiral into disaster.

CAN'T WAIT!! This series is the BOMB. Do yourself a favor and get these books. I'll make it easy. Here's the first one, and here's the second one. GO! :o)

Giveaway Alert!!

Now that you've looked into the other two books if you haven't read them already, you can enter to win a set of Casual Enchantment bookmarks!! Enter the Rafflecopter form below. Ends 5/23. US and Canada only please. Questions? Email me at imabookshark at yahoo dot com. Thanks and good luck!!

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