May 7, 2012

Author Interview: Rhiannon Paille - Flame of Surrender

If you all aren't familiar with Rhiannon Paille yet, you should tweet her and say hi. Then maybe you should read a book of hers. ;o) But before you do that, please check out this awesome interview she and I did! Then go read her book! Hahahaha. I crack myself up.. ;o)

Rhiannon Paille - Flame of Surrender

• Pub Date: November 1, 2011
• Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
• Format: Paperback 260pp
• Age Range: Young Adult

Kaliel and Krishani weren't meant to meet . . . or fall in love . . . but they did. Krishani’s dreams of death lead him to a fate he’s terrified of - becoming the next Ferryman. His only refuge is Kaliel, the peculiar girl that swims with merfolk and talks to trees. Kaliel has a secret, she’s the Amethyst Flame, one of nine apocalyptic weapons. The Valtanyana will destroy everything on Avristar to get to her. Kaliel has to choose: face them, hide or unleash the Flame.

How far would you go to save everything you ever loved?

Mickey: Hi Rhiannon Paille! Welcome to the blog! Please introduce yourself.
Rhiannon: I'm a bit of a zombie right now, (not literally) but all you need to know is that I write books about kissing and death. Oh and I read minds for real.

Mickey: You were on the blog back in August promoting your novel, Flame of Surrender, with a guest post. What's new since that's released?
Rhiannon: Not a lot, the publishing industry moves slowly! I have some very cool announcements coming up soon though, so people should check my blog frequently for that. Otherwise, book two is in the editing process, book three is in the beta reading process and book four is getting a wicked outline even if it kills my hand. (My hand hurts a lot right now.)

Mickey: Flame of Surrender is getting some great reviews! How many books are going to be in your series?
Rhiannon: There are 6 books and a novella in The Ferryman and the Flame Series. I'll be sad when it's over.

Mickey: Have you thought about writing outside of your main fantasy genre?
Rhiannon: Gah, how to answer this properly. So FoS is clearly Epic Fantasy because of Avristar, which I think of as a technicality. FoJ and FotA are more like Historical Fantasy (heavy on fantasy because I'm no history buff, but the characters are on Earth now.) Then FoF, FoA, and FoC are um . . contemporary / urban Fantasy. Most of what I plan to write after The Ferryman and the Flame series is Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi. I've actually got a wicked idea for an alien book I have to work on after TFTF. Also, if you go on Kindle you can find my Dystopian short story novel series.

Mickey: Are there any plans for audio books of your novels? If you could choose anyone to narrate your books, who would you choose?
Rhiannon: *grumbles* I DID record FoS as an audiobook. And then Audible didn't want it because they didn't record it. So we're still figuring out what to do with that. Maybe an audiobook blog tour? I have all the audio clips it's just, nowhere to sell it. *cries* If Audible did pick up FoS, I'd love me some Ed Westwick or Kate Winslet, or both.

Mickey: What idea/book do you wish you'd thought of/written first?
Rhiannon: That's such a tough one because I'm really happy with my ideas. (Not to sound pompous but they do get me all excited) One book I do wish I had written though was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, because it's done so well.

Mickey: What would be your perfect environment to work on your novel?
Rhiannon: I'm good right here in my office. I like that I have a door to keep out dogs, children, cats, etc.

Mickey: Besides writing, what else do you enjoy to do in any free time you may come across?
Rhiannon: I've been going for bike rides lately and love it. They built a nice bike path that starts right by my house and goes all the way to the perimeter. It also stays really far away from the road, and in some cases goes through the small bits of forestry we have left in the city.

Mickey: Who is your favorite fictional villain?
Rhiannon: Darth Vader, because he was originally Anakin Skywalker, who became a bad ass by betraying everyone who trained him and made him what he was.

Mickey: Thanks so much for being on the blog today! Any parting thoughts?
Rhiannon: Thanks for having me back, it's always fun to be here!

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  1. Great interview! I've read Flame of Surrender back in the summer and loved it. Can't wait for more info about the second book.


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