May 3, 2012

Author Interview: Karly Kirkpatrick - The Green

I have another great author interview to share with you all today! Karly Kirkpatrick, author of many novels including INTO THE SHADOWS and BLOODY LITTLE SECRETS, is here chatting about her new book, other languages she speaks, and her plan of attack on writing a book! Please welcome her and check out her work after the interview :o)

Karly Kirkpatrick - The Green

• Pub Date: January 12, 2012
• Publisher: DarkSide Publishing
• Format: ebook 169pp
• Age Range: 14+

Seventeen-year-old Ariceli Pisa is a senior at the prestigious Cambridge High School and has her sights set on Northwestern University. She's a cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society, and a drug dealer.

That’s the secret she has to keep from her best friend Naomi, in addition to the fact that she’s madly in love with Naomi’s ex-boyfriend.

Trying to balance her life at Cambridge High with her new demanding job keeps her teetering on the edge of disaster.

Mickey: Hi there, Karly Kirkpatrick! Welcome to the blog! Please introduce yourself.
Karly: Hi there! My name is Karly, and I'm a bookaholic! I love reading and writing books!

Mickey: I've seen a lot of really great reviews for THE GREEN. Tell us about that novel.
Karly: THE GREEN is the story of an over-achiever that is forced to take some desperate measures to secure her future. She's the good girl forced to do something illegal. It's also a little bit about how there are so many gray areas in life. Doing something illegal is wrong, but is it always wrong if you're doing it for the right reasons?

Mickey: Any plans for audio books for your novels? If you could choose anyone to narrate your novels, who would you pick?
Karly: Ooooh, I've never had that question before. I think it would be great! I haven't looked into it yet though. I currently work full time in addition to writing, however after next year I'm hoping to scale back on the day job and do more writing. That will be something to explore. I'd love someone with a great voice to read it. Maybe Morgan Freeman or Angelina Jolie. A girl can dream!

Mickey: I grew up close to Elgin, Il, where you live. If you could live anywhere else (which I'm guessing you do.. haha), where would you choose to live?
Karly: There are lots of places I could live! Munich, Germany, England (anywhere), Nice or in that area in the South of France are high on my list. Instead right now I just visit as often as I can. I could also handle the Caribbean, even South Florida. Maybe Key West, that's great for writers! Australia and New Zealand would also be awesome.

Mickey: I see you teach German and French to high school students. How did you get into those languages?
Karly: I loved French since I was young and took it in high school. I think I bought my first 'teach yourself French' book when I was 10. When I was a senior in high school I ended up participating in a German exchange program at my school and fell in love with that as well. I majored in German in college and essentially have more than a minor in French. My husband actually speaks Spanish as well, so we have a very multilingual household.

Mickey: What do you do in any spare time you may actually come across?
Karly: It's pretty sparse these days. My daughter plays soccer and is an Irish dancer, so that keeps my free time full. But when I can, I hang out with friends, catch up on my favorite programs like The Vampire Diaries or Bones, or go to the movies. I try to make some time every week for something fun!

Mickey: What process do you use to write? Are you an outliner?
Karly: I used to mainly be a pantser (write by the seat of your pants) but with my limited writing time, I've been making more notes and writing loose outlines in order to make what time I do have very effective. I hate sitting down to write only to find that I have no idea WHAT I should write. :) I find notes and outlines help with the whole trilogy plotting as well. It helps me keep everything more organized!

Mickey: What idea/book do you wish you'd thought of/written first?
Karly: Harry Potter. :D

Mickey: Who's your favorite fictional villain?
Karly: Dolores Umbridge. She's classic evil tied up with a cute pink bow.

Mickey: Thanks so much for being here today! Any final thoughts?
Karly: Thanks for having me! I appreciate it!

I am a YA writer, avid reader, high school German and French teacher, and mother of a toddler. I live in Elgin, Illinois with my husband, daughter, and two stinky Shih Tzus.

I also run DarkSide Publishing, specializing in publishing fantastic ebooks! We have some great titles available, including Anathema, a YA fantasy by Megg Jensen, The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching, Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie, and Bloody Little Secrets, The Green, and Into the Shadows by me! Be sure to add them to your to-read list and check out for more info.


  1. Nice interview. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this author. Her work seems really interesting.

  2. Really nice interview. The Green was absolutely excellent.


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