Feb 7, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Books for Non-Readers

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this feature includes random weekly bookish top tens. This week's list is -top ten books I'd hand to someone who says they don't like to read. I would recommend these books to the non-readers of the world, hoping maybe they'd start reading after that. They mostly sound like "women" books, and even Boyfriend mentioned the first one when I approached him with the question. But I think men might be able to try some of them an enjoy themselves! Check it out!

Maybe this sounds weird, but this book honestly got me reading like a crazy person again. I read this one and rediscovered what it was like to fall into a fictional world. I was addicted. And I know I'm not the only one. This is good for non-readers. Or it might completely turn them off. Who knows ;o)

This is such a fantastic opening to a series. It's an interesting, unique story that can totally get readers addicted to reading again if books can be like this one. I devoured The Hunger Games series, and I think it would be good for people who don't particularly like to read.

These books are SO hysterical it's hard not to be addicted. Janet Evanovich has a gift when it comes to writing humorous characters and situations. She keeps you guessing what crazy debacles Stephanie and her crew will get into next. Adult non-readers would probably enjoy this series.

Ellen Hopkins's novels are deep, messed up, and boundless. Her characters (who are based on her family) go through SO much, and I think non-readers might be shocked into curiosity about the rest of her novels. Then maybe they'll move on. Plus they're in verse so it's fast and creatively written on the page.

I absolutely adore Meg Cabot. And this is one of my favorite series by her. She has a special chick-lit talent, and I am obsessed. I find myself craving a Meg Cabot-like novel, but she's the one and only! Non-readers might like her stories of romance, especially this overseas one.

This is a new one, but it's extremely relevant for the times. These two high schoolers find their Facebook pages from 15 years in the future. They work to change their lives, but it isn't always the way they want. People who don't read may like this one for it's significant and prevalent theme.

Who doesn't love this book?! Well, I'm sure some people don't. But for whatever reason, I think my non-readers would love this book. Or basically anything by Nicholas Sparks. His novels hook you and usually make you cry. Emotional non-readers would probably love Sparks.

So, I may not be a huge fan of this series, but LOTS of people are. And I think it might help non-readers develop an imagination when it comes to the literary world. If I wasn't a huge reader when I started this series, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more. But I have preferences now.

Jodi Picoult knows what she's doing. She's an expert at getting readers so immersed in a thick, tough story. I'm hesitant to pick this title by her because it's heartbreaking. But it's popular and the movie was made. More people would relate to this one by her. She's a fantastic author.

These books are funny and serious throughout. They have a good balance of mystery and humor. They're told from multiple POVs, so it gives a non-reader a pretty good experience. It may help pinpoint what they DO like in one shot. Read these if you haven't yet :o)

I hope you enjoyed my list! Maybe your non-reader friends will enjoy some books from my list. Leave me a link to your list! My friends might enjoy your recommendations :o) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. No lie I ALMOST put a Picoult book on my list. But her writing style is off-putting to some people (not myself!). I did put THG. I agree with you 100% on that one! YAY!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue


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