Jan 1, 2012

Wrapping Up 2011 Readathon Day 11

Welcome all to DAY 11, the final day, of the Wrapping Up 2011 Readathon hosted by Jessie @ Remarkable Reads!! I had a challenge for every day of this readathon! Each day there was a picture that is a literal representation of a book title I've read this year. Put your brains to work for one of three swag packs!! I hope you've all had fun trying to figure out these pictures and reading all you could for the end of the year! I know I enjoyed making these puzzles, and I met my goal for the year! YAY! For giveaway details, see original readathon post.

Here's the eleventh and final book title puzzle. If you think you know the answer, fill out the form below for an entry for one of three swag packs!

Note about the picture: ignore that weird line on the right side. It means nothing.. lol.

I really hope you all enjoyed this, honestly. Thanks so much to all the participants! Again, all challenges are open until 1/3/12 to give everyone a chance to enter. I appreciate all the support and fun we've had over this readathon! I'd love to see what books you read over the readathon, so leave me a link to your wrap up post :o) And I'll post the answers to my pictures after I close the contest!! YAY!

Books I read for the readathon: Liar, Unraveling Isobel, Saving June, Dearly Departed, and The Girl Who Played With Fire :o)


  1. This has been fun! Thank you for hosting them! :)

  2. Glad you've enjoyed them! Thanks for playing!!

  3. What fun challenges! I have realized I am not very good at them- but I do have fun trying to figure them out! Thanks for making them!


  4. I bet you got them right!! Thanks for playing :o)


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