Jan 7, 2012

Review: Wallace Stegner - Remembering Laughter

Wallace Stegner - Remembering Laughter

• Pub Date: July 1, 2011 (first pub. In 1937)
• Publisher: Blackstone Audio
• Format: MP3 on CD (3 hr)
• Age Range: Adult
• ISBN: 9781441736260

Back in print: an early novel by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Angle of Repose and Crossing to Safety. When her younger sister Elspeth comes to live with Margaret and her husband, Alec, on their Iowa farm, Margaret finds her generous spirit tested as a friendship developes between Alec and Elspeth.

I received this through Audiobook Jukebox Solid Gold Reviewer Program. Here is my honest review:

Wow, what a sad little book. Remembering Laughter is a good title for this, because without remembering the fun times in this novel, it's hard to get through. I don't mean that this is a bad novella, because it's not. It's written extremely well (minus the use of a couple words too many times), and it's an interesting view of a pretty messed up family. But it's very depressing. It's a sad thing to think about.

This family suffered from a choice that didn’t seem well thought out. I also felt like it almost came out of nowhere. The story is short, so a lot of explanation wasn’t possible, but I thought there was something going on with the other man in Elspeth’s life. But when Margaret discourages it, it backfires in her face. What happens after that is the truly sad part. This is an older story, so I understand the choices, but they’re hard and confused.

The narration was something I was surprised with. I’m not the biggest Cassandra Campbell fan, but this was definitely one of her better performances. I like when she does adult narration better than young adult. I enjoyed her voices in this short novella.

Bottom Line: Try out this novella if you’re in the mood for a sad, complex story. Enjoy!


3.5 / 5 book sharks

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