Jan 5, 2012

Review: Megg Jensen - The Initiate

Megg Jensen - The Initiate

• Pub Date: December 25, 2011
• Publisher: DarkSide Publishing
• Format: Ebook short story
• Age Range: Young Adult

Before Anathema...

Before Sleepers...

There was The Initiate

Over a thousand years ago, the gods left Eloh's people and took their magic with them. To win back their favor, her people sacrifice ten female initiates every ten years. No has ever survived. There has never been a Chosen One.

Forced into becoming an initiate, Eloh will try to find a way to beat the odds, stay with her boyfriend, and survive the fires that threaten to consume her. But will her lack of faith in the gods and her disbelief in their magic doom her to a painful death?

I received an ecopy of the book for review from the author. Here is my honest review:

I have yet to read anything by Megg Jensen, but the imagination in this short story leads me to definitely want to pick something up by her soon. I enjoyed this short story, and I'm not a huge short story fan. I always want more, which is why I focus on series books. I might have enjoyed it more if I'd read either Sleepers or Anathema, but that's okay. It isn't necessary to have read either of those to enjoy and understand this short story.

If you're into fantasy/sci-fi and want a taste of Megg Jensen's writing, definitely check this one out. If you've read either Sleepers or the Cloud Prophet trilogy, you'll appreciate this prequel story. I definitely want to see how this connects the two series and plays out in the individual stories.

Thanks to Megg Jensen for allowing me to review the story.

Bottom Line: Do check this short story out if you're curious about Megg Jensen or if you've read any of her other novels.


3.5 / 5 book sharks

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  1. I got this 2 weeks ago and still have to read it. It sounds pretty good though. Thanks for sharing.


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