Jan 21, 2012

An apology..

I just want to take a minute to explain why my blog might not be all it can be right now and in the near future. I'm currently extremely busy with work and couponing, plus this new thing, so I thought I'd pop on here and let you all know what's up and apologize for my lack of book blogging as of late.

To you, it may not seem that I'm slacking. I still have posts nearly every day with reviews, interviews, blog tours, giveaways, etc. I get out to author signings and meet other bloggers, so I'm doing fine, right? Eh.. no, and let me tell you why. I recently decided to start couponing. With my addictive personality I should have known better, but I'm currently OBSESSED with couponing and getting super awesome deals!! I go to the store almost every day with my giant coupon binder and my list with coupons of everything I need to get for nearly free. Who WOULDN'T want to do that, right? Well, needless to say, it's taking up all of my time, and that's why. It's SO time consuming and fast-paced, even if you don't think it is. I'm so overwhelmed, but I'm happy with it. This does mean that I haven't picked up a book in days, let alone finished one. I've been listening when I can, but I've only finished one audio book in over a week now. It's sad.

Speaking of the audio books, I've been training new hires at work so I have little chance to listen to my audio books there. I'm also working today, Saturday, when we hardly ever work weekends, because we're SO freaking busy it's unbelievable. It was voluntary, but see below as to why I'm desperate for overtime money! Either way, work is taking up a lot of time. I HAVE been consistent in the car for the most part, getting confused and simultaneously sucked in by Tempest right now. But my reading time is no where near where it used to be at the moment, and I have no idea when it will be even able to pick up (at work OR home).

I'm really bad at time management. I've done the whole, "Okay, I must turn the computer off in TEN minutes!" and then it's a half hour later and I'm still in the middle of something. UGH. So I'm not quite sure how to handle this. I'll still read books for review when I get a chance, so no more pleasure reading for a while which is okay. I've lost track of what's out there right now anyway (besides Cinder since I still really want to read that one!). Anyway..

So this weekend in particular is super busy because I decided to get my motorcycle license! My parents ride, Boyfriend rides, and my friend really wanted to learn so I said I'd do it with her. Of course something came up for her so she couldn't make it, and now I'm doing it by myself but that's okay! I took the classroom portion last night, and I passed the written test with a 98%! Not bad for knowing next to nothing about motorcycles!! ;o) The riding part is tomorrow, Sunday, and I'm SUPER nervous! Not going to bite my nails though. That was my NYE resolution and I've actually stuck with it. They're getting long now, too :o)

Alright.. so no weekend time off this week, so I'm living for next Saturday. Actually, probably Sunday because Saturday is action packed, but at least it's author stuff! I'm seeing One For The Money with a group of work friends who've read and enjoyed Stephanie Plum, and then it's YAllapalooza in Phoenix! I'll be meeting up with Jenny and Kaitlin from Books to the Sky again :o) YAY! But big, big yawn since I bet there will be OT during the week for work again. AND I'm training straight into the foreseeable future. YAWNNNN!

So this is why I'm sorry for my possible future lack of blogging, but I'll try and post as much as I can when I can. I have some posts scheduled up until February, and I still have some stuff to get up there from authors and blog tours, so no worries ;o) I love you guys so much for reading my blog, and I might not still do it if it wasn't for you. I appreciate all the support I've already received via Twitter from my sorry rants, so THANKS! Big thanks :o) Hope you'll stick with me!!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You know that your readers love your blog or we wouldn't be here. The most important thing is do what you need to do. We will still be here. :) Hope things get a little less crazy for you, and try not to stress about it.

  2. This is why I stopped couponing...TIME! It took over my life and I always bought things I didn't need. Plus I live in an area where double coupons don't exist :( Or I was ticked when I went to a store and they were out of what I wanted to buy. Anyways, Good luck with the license and the couponing!

  3. Thanks you guys for understanding and being so awesome!!!! :o)

  4. dang girl! no worries you are stuck with me hehe :) I'm busy with school myself! Good luck with the motorcycle thing :) Be careful!

  5. Dude! I totally get where you're coming from! I have an obsessive personality too! When I get into something new I become completely consumed with it! No worries baby cakes! Try not to stress... Easier said than done if you're anything like me though! <3


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