Dec 18, 2011

In My Mailbox 12/18

Here's how this works: It's a weekly feature hosted by The Story Siren where we all post what new books we received in the mail, from the library, or contests we won, etc. Click the link for more info and to join in on the fun!

I know I don't do these very often, but I had a pretty fantastic week and wanted to share some fun stuff with you guys! I got some audio books for review. I got a great deal on some YA books through Amazon. AND I got a highly anticipated ARC in the mail with a special surprise! PLUS a very sweet blogger sent me a thank you gift. It was a great week, folks.. so check it out :o)

First up is all the Amazon novels. They had some really great bargain prices, and on top of that they were buy 3 get the 4th free. I couldn't resist! I got all eight of these fantastic novels for $22.58 with shipping. YEAH.

If you've read any of these, I'd love to know what you thought. I've heard Perfect Chemistry is pretty great, so I was excited to see it on the list. Turns out that Fate is a sequel, so now I need to get the first one.. haha. But I'm pumped to read some of these soon!

Next is my audio books for review from Simon & Schuster. WAY excited about these. I do need to read Clockwork Angel first, but that's okay. And the Steve Jobs biography has been pretty popular. They're both really long, so it may be a while, but that's alright! I'm looking forward to these! Thanks Simon & Schuster!

This is something I've been waiting a while for now! I wanted to dive RIGHT in, but I promised myself I'd read a couple of other review books first. I'm so close! But it was really cool to also see some fun stuff inside this one! Check out the next pictures for my sweet surprises.

  • Jennifer L. Armentrout - Pure

So I open the book and find these beauties inside! A few bookmarks, including one for Cursed and one for Obsidian (!!!!), a Pure guitar pick, and two other book ads like giant bookmarks. WAY cool!! But it got even better..

I'm in the ARC!! A quote from my review of Half-Blood is in there! I just about fainted. And then I almost died. I was so thrilled to see this! I couldn't even believe it. I think I've told just about everyone I know.. honestly. My book blogging year has taken me to places I've never thought life could. I'm so amazed and honored!!! Thank you!!

Last but certainly not least is a picture of all the fun stuff Chelesbells @ A Belle's Tales sent me!! I got a bookmark (with a puppy on a stack of books that includes P&P of course.. hehe), two different notebooks, two pens, and the sweetest card that made me tear up. Oh my goodness. She's just the nicest thing, and it was a pleasure having her on the blog! Here's the interview and guest review if you missed them!! THANK YOU, girl! You're amazing!!

And there you have it, folks! I thought that perhaps Obsidian would show up, but it did not. Hopefully this week! I believe it was mailed last week so my fingers are crossed for SOON! :o) I hope you all had super awesome weeks, and here's to another great week ahead! Happy weekend!!


  1. you got an awesome haul this week! I'm getting jealous of Pure! eeek I need Clockwork Prince now like really now... Happy Reading~

    Care to check out my IMM this week?

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  2. Wow awesome mailbox this week! I have been thinking about reading Perfect Chemistry, it sounds good. I loved Clockwork Prince. AHHH! Pure. How awesome! I am so excited that I won a copy during her live video chat. I can't wait until it comes! I will most definitely do a happy dance. Here's my IMM

  3. Okay. I'm getting super jealous because everywhere i turn I see people are getting Pure ARC's. I'm getting jealous and I know I shouldn't be, but I am jealous. Great mailbox.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love

  4. Awesome haul of books!

  5. That's awesome you're in the ARC!! Great bookmarks and swag! I'm reading Obsidian right now actually :)

    Michele | IMM

  6. Oh Gosh!

    you got the better bargain!! Wow!! I'm crazy to read something of Sarah's books and this Alyson book!
    And I have Perfect Chemistry in portuguese version, but couldn't read yet!

    And it's really nice your comment is in a book (ARC, but whatever, must be in the final book too, huh)!

    Hey Evellyn

  7. Great IMM! Happy Hoildays :)

    My IMM:

  8. Great books. I saw some books from authors I love, like Gayle Forman, that I didn't know of. Great Haul.

    JJ iReads
    Check out what I got in my mailbox this week

  9. Woo-Hoo! Awesome haul, girlie! And...OhEmGee, now you made ME tear up. So glad you liked your stuff and thanks so much for the mention! You rock! <3 u!

  10. Oh wow! So awesome that your quote went in the book!! Still anxiously awaiting my ARC. My contact at the publisher said she send it out sometime in December. Hate waiting!!

    Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  11. A QUOTE!!!

    that is SO SO COOL.


  12. awesome mailbox!!! you got a lot of awesome stuff! I'm a bit jealous :O that is so awesome that you are quoted in the arc :) eeep! Chelesbells is a sweetheart I love her :)

    my mailbox


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