Dec 7, 2011

Blog Tour: Joann H. Buchanan - Soulless Light

Welcome to another fabulous Experience blog tour!! Today we are featuring Soulless Light by Joann Buchanan! I have not read it, but I do have an ebook copy to give away so one of you lucky readers can check it out!! Be sure to let us know what you think. But first, please check out the book cover and blurb and a little bit about the author. Then enter the fantastic ebook giveaway!

Joann Buchanan - Soulless Light

• Pub Date: September 2011
• Publisher: World Castle Publishing
• Format: ebook
• ISBN: 9781937593124

Haunting in my desires
Thrilled by what is flawed.
I see now that which before could not be seen.
The gray matter of us all

The soul
The light
The sparkle of the infinite night.

Seeking only to be heard
cause we are all dead or dying.
And there in lies the truth of that
which I am buying.

I'm gonna live forever
in the dark of night.

Alive but dead

Dead but alive

Does it even matter?

I'm lost now in a day dream
of my own creation.




Am I the soulless light?

A young love destroyed, an entire village murdered. The year, 1363-the plagued ravaged the land in every corner of Great Britain accept one lonely isle called The Isle of Ely. The bishop, sure the village had consorted with the devil sent his Templar Knights to investigate. Their hearts thirsted for blood. They killed every living person in the village.

Julia's soul, so angered by the actions of the knights, is given a power in death she did not posses in life. She must decide if revenge is worth the price she will pay.

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Joann H. Buchanan, author, radio show host and mother of 5, is living in Kansas. Soulless Light is her debut novel. She is currently working on Night Walkers, book 1 of The Burning Times series.

She hosts The Eclectic Artist Cave Mon-Fri on The Shark at 11 AM CST. She interviews writers, producers, musicians and creative people of all kinds. Information about her show can be found here.

She is currently represented by agent Chamein Canton who is pitching her young adult novel, I AM WOLF to publishers.

She lives by 2 motto: "Above all else, entertain," and "Make it work."
Find Joann:
goodreads | blog | radio | smashwords

Giveaway Alert!!

Use the Rafflecopter form below to win an ebook copy of Joann's featured novella, Soulless Light! It's received some awesome reviews everywhere, so I hope you enter, win, and read it! This is an ebook so it's international :o) Ends 12/14/11. One winner will be picked. Questions? Leave a comment here with a way to reach you. Thanks and good luck!!


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