Oct 14, 2011

TGIF and Week In Review (19)

Hosted by Ginger over at G-Reads, TGIF is a way to recap the week on your blog and answer a fun question she asks bloggers. Linking up spreads the word, so visit her blog for more info and to participate! :o) Here's the question for this week:

Show & Tell: Where do you grab a book and get lost in it? Show us your favorite spot to read.

I love to read on the couch in my living room and in my bed. I read pretty much everywhere, but those are my two main spots. It's pretty hot most of the time in AZ to read outside, so it's usually inside. And I'm generally in bed or on the couch as a rule.. lol. Also, I listen to a lot of books, and I get lost in those at work and in my car. Not too lost, of course. ;o)

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  1. My bed is still my favorite spot to read in. Of course, occasionally, I end up dozing off in the middle of a book, but for the most part, if I love what I'm reading, I have a really hard time trying to stop!


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