Oct 7, 2011

TGIF and Week In Review (18)

Hosted by Ginger over at G-Reads, TGIF is a way to recap the week on your blog and answer a fun question she asks bloggers. Linking up spreads the word, so visit her blog for more info and to participate! :o) Here's the question for this week:

To-Be-Read's: How big is your pile? Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it?

My pile is HUGE. On Goodreads, I have almost 450 books I'd like to read. I don't HAVE 450 books in my possession, and some of them aren't even released yet (or in ARC form), so it won't ever slim down. And that's fine. I'd rather have too many to read than not enough. However, when I get ARCs, I like to read them by their release date, so that pushes other stuff out of the way. Tour books also get read by their tour dates, so that pushes even more books down the list. Reading what I actually want to read or feel like reading at any given moment has somewhat stopped. Not that I don't want to read the ARCs I receive, but they weren't all requested. Sometimes I win them or get them from Net Galley / Galley Grab. Just all depends on release dates (and time off work.. lol)


  1. It makes me sad that books get pushed down the line. But I find some happiness in knowing I have some good books to come.

  2. Reading, like everything else in life, requires so much balance and that's ok! :O)

  3. I think it's fun to realize that there are so many great books out there so we'll probably never run out of good stuff to read :)

  4. Hi, new follower here!

    ARC's always tend to push others down the list, but I don't mind, especially if I'm dying to read them.

    Happy Reading!
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  5. I'm with you! I would much rather have too much to read than not enough :)


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