Sep 19, 2011

Review: Christy Hayes - Misconception

Christy Hayes - Misconception

• Pub. Date: June 20, 2011
• Publisher: Christy Hayes
• Format: Ebook
• Genre: Adult Fiction (Women’s)

MISCONCEPTION is the story of suburban Atlanta stay-at-home mom Pace Kelly and what happens when an unplanned pregnancy three years after her husband's vasectomy rocks her happy marriage. When her husband Jason turns up sterile, Pace tries to explain the unexplainable. Her patience wears thin while Jason struggles with his suspicions and her two young sons look at her as if she's to blame for their problems. As rumors of trouble with their marriage begin to circulate through the neighborhood and Pace begins to feel the sting of isolation from people she thought were her friends, her once perfect world begins to crumble. To top it all off, her overbearing mother's insistence on creating a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving during the biggest crisis of Pace's life is making her crazy.

Despite Pace’s insistence that she hasn’t cheated, Jason Kelly is left to wonder if his blueblood wife has finally grown tired of his humble background and their middle class lifestyle. When he finds Pace in a compromising position, he ignores the advice of his brother and the marriage therapist who have warned him about jumping to conclusions and makes arrangements to have Pace followed. But the truth he discovers is a heavier burden to carry than the innuendo that was eating him alive. Now the tables are turned and he’s left holding a smoking gun.

An innocent wife. A desperate husband. A no-win situation. When the smoke clears, will their marriage survive?

I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. Here are my honest thoughts:

I have to start out this review by saying that I wasn't sure what the main point of this book was. After reading the summary, I thought this would be about the whole pregnancy thing with Pace and Jason, but that blew over much sooner than I thought it would. Pace's mom and dad are also in this from the beginning and there is no mention of them in the description of this novel. So I was a little confused but it all plays out. So don't fear. I guess I just feel like the description is a tad misleading. Like it's missing some key points. Doesn't mean this book was bad! Let's take a closer look.

Pace gets a call from her doctor after an appointment and finds out she's pregnant. She knows this is a mistake because her husband Jason had a vasectomy three years ago. This drama gets dragged out because she can't just go to the doctor to get an ultrasound to find no baby. Instead, then she gets her period and her doctor thinks it's a miscarriage. She lies to Jason and now Jason thinks she cheated. In the meantime, Pace's mother Tori has a private detective follow Colin, her husband and Pace's father, because she thinks he's cheating too. He has in the past, so she's sure he is now.

This all gets introduced fairly quickly, and the two story lines don't always blend well. They come together by the end, and they're both interesting, so it works out. It's just a little confusing at first. Once you get past the separateness of the two stories, they finally link and make more sense. The whole time I was wondering about the two different marriages and how they were going to work out in the end. By the time I was less than halfway through I felt like I had to finish it and know what happens! I just about sped-read the last 100 pages. I did call one of the shockers at the end, but it was all very satisfying. The epilogue made me laugh, too!


3.5 / 5 book sharks!

PS - Look out later this week or early next week for an interview with the author!! Thanks!


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