Aug 15, 2011

Giveaway and Excerpt of The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu

Hello all! Welcome to Monday! I have something special to make your Monday just a little bit better. Author Michelle Franklin has graciously allowed me to give away a deluxe PDF ecopy of her novel, The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu. Neither Stef nor I have yet to read it, as our lives are seriously busy at the moment and we both have other novels in line before this one. However, I've heard some great things around the blogging community, so I thought I'd share an excerpt that Michelle has provided me with and give away an ecopy of the novel!!

Rautu stood on the bow of the ship remarking his home with the commander at his side. He gazed at the island’s white sands to the south, dense trees to the north, and the animation of the docks with a reverential countenance. He had been waiting for this homecoming for the greater part of three seasons, and when he regarded Sanhedhran for the first time in nine months, all the longing he had reaped during his separation rushed on him. He was eager to stand on the southern shore again and reclaim his place among the Amghari. His exhalations became labored, his eyes glowed with quiet joy, and the Den Asaan’s estrangement was reconciled; he was home, and this was all that occupied him at present.

The commander smiled at the giant’s silent worship and used his fascination as a diversion to place her hand atop his as it rested against the ship’s railing. She savoured the texture of his stone-like flesh with her rough fingertips and then placed her hand along the railing beside his. She observed him to inspect any perceptible difference. There had been a momentary upturning in the corner of his mouth, but his gaze held firmly toward the island approaching. She was satisfied with his minimal recognition, but was amazed to feel his small finger suddenly wrapping around hers. He moved not otherwise, did not even peek at her from the corner of his eye, but she heard the sound of a profound sigh and knew whose sigh it was. She coiled her finger around his, looked toward their pending destination, and wondered how he should govern himself once returned to his people.

Makes you want to run out and get it, right? Stef is the sci-fi fan, so I'm sure she'll be all over this one soon enough :o) Here are links for and Amazon. And now, here are the details of the giveaway of ONE deluxe ecopy of the novel, The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu!!
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  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :D I hope you enjoy the book when your time permits :D

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!!
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