Jul 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Rebels in Literature

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this feature includes random weekly top tens. This week's list is - Top Ten Rebels in Literature: characters or authors who stood up for what they believed in despite the cost of doing so. My list includes two authors (who make up one of the ten) and nine characters from novels. I know there are more, but this is what I thought of really quick:
  1. Elizabeth Bennett - Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
    She's my number 1 in literature because he always stood up for herself, even back in the 1800s. She turned down Mr. Collins even under threats from her mother, and she stood up to Darcy when he was being a jerkwad. Go girl!
  2. Nova Ren Suma/Maureen Johnson
    These two ladies big time stood up for the NY same-sex marriage law. I was stunned by their efforts to get the word out. Maureen Johnson even sent out tweets with names and numbers to contact against/undecided senators. Thank you!!
  3. Bella Swan - Twilight series (Stephenie Meyer)
    Yeah yeah, I know.. but she stuck by her man, didn't she? Vampire or not, she loved him and even chose alienating her friends and family to be with him. That's love.
  4. Ariana Osgood - Private/Privilege series (Kate Brian)
    Ariana went to hell and back to do what she needed to do, at any cost, to try and live a normal life. Sounds noble but really she's a psychotic crazy. Check out this series! It just ended and it was unbelievable!
  5. Bubbles Yablonsky - Bubbles series (Sarah Strohmeyer)
    She stands up for herself and her family, especially her daughter, whenever needed. Even when she's being threatened, Bubbles is relentless! She does what she needs to in order to take care of her family!
  6. Sookie Stackhouse - Southern Vampire series (Charlaine Harris)
    This woman goes through a lot of stuff, and even though people don't approve of her choice to boyfriend, she sticks to her guns.
  7. Zoe Baxter - Sing You Home (Jodi Picoult)
    This has been my favorite book this year, and it happens to revolve around a same-sex relationship. Zoe is an incredibly strong woman, and she tries to do what's necessary to get what she ultimately wants - a family with the woman she loves.
  8. Cornelia Brown - Love Walked In (Marisa de los Santos)
    Love Walked In was a book club pick, and I'm so glad I read it. Cornelia has some strong opinions, and she doesn't compromise. Things eat at her until she sets them right, even if it means bad consequences.
  9. Jacob Jankowski - Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)
    Jacob stands by those animals when they need protection, even risking getting thrown off the moving train. Now, that's what I call a gentleman! (This is the next book club pick, and I'm excited to read it again!)
  10. Carter - Georgina Kincaid series (Richelle Mead)
    Angels don't mix with the "bad" supernatural beings in this series, but Carter is a friend to Georgina and her crew. He's usually there for her when she needs someone the most, even though it's not accepted. He's such a rebel.. :o)

There's my list! How many times could I word that stuff about how they stand up for what's right even with the consequences.. oy! Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this. Leave a link for yours and I will check it out!!

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  1. I was going to include Bella myself, although for a different reason, but I had ten others I wanted to include instead. LOL.

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