Jul 22, 2011

TGIF and Week In Review (7)

Hosted by Ginger over at G-Reads, TGIF is a way to recap the week on your blog and answer a fun question she asks bloggers. Linking up spreads the word, so visit her blog for more info and to participate! :o) Here's the question for this week:

Bookshelf Tour: Where do you keep your books at home? Are they organized?

I have a bookshelf up in my loft right now. It doesn't have a rhyme or reason besides size and cover. Small books are with small books, hardcovers are with hardcovers, etc. Here's a bit of an old picture of the before and after set up. It has grown since I started blogging :o) There's hardly any white space now!

I also have some of my prized books, big books, coffee table books, and old school books on a different bookshelf with lots of decorative stuffs in my living room. I also have them scattered throughout the house: on and near my couch, on the kitchen table, next to my bed.. there's always something to read somewhere!! Where do you keep your books?? Leave me a link and I'll check it out :o)

This past week on the blog:

I also have three other giveaways going! They haven't ended because I haven't picked winners so feel free to enter until tonight! I'll pick winners tomorrow morning! :o) Thanks! Happy Friday!


  1. My bookshelves have definitely noticed an increase in books since I've started blogging too :) There are just too many great recommendations.

  2. My books + hardback books have expanded since blogging. Thanks for sharing & the pictures. Stop by if you get a chance Amy @ www.bookgoonie.com

  3. my books are starting to take over everywhere with no order! lol


  4. Ever since I saw the movie trailer, I've been very curious about this book. Great review!



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