Jul 4, 2011

Interview with Christian and Tori from BLOODSPELL

Okay everyone.. I had a very cool opportunity that I absolutely need to share with you! I recently read Bloodspell, written by the fabulous Amalie Howard. I was seriously excited to read this book! It was my WoW pick a few weeks back. However, while reading it I found some things that just nagged at me. So I decided I would ask Christian and Tori what the deal was myself, along with a bunch of other fun questions while I had the chance. Please check out this hilarious, insightful interview, then check out the book and find Amalie Howard on the internet for more information!

Mickey @ imabookshark: For those who aren’t aware of who you two are, please explain a little bit of your story.

Christian/Tori: I’m a witch and he’s a vampire, and we’re dating, even though it’s forbidden by law for us to be together. I also have a rogue blood curse going on that has a mind of its own and is out for blood, his in particular. Yep, we’re a killer couple, no pun intended.

M: Hahaha you crack me up! Alright, Christian.. we'll start with you. Why did you tell us you were a vampire at the beginning? Why didn’t you let the mystery simmer for a bit?

C: Because it’s who I am and while my being a vampire does play a part in this story, it is Victoria’s journey, after all. This story had to be about her discoveries at each moment. My being a vampire is a peripheral element to all she must go through in order to come to terms with who she is. Plus, one of us had to keep a clear head in terms of what we were. I mean she was literally throwing herself at me every ten seconds. A vampire has to have some self-control. *grins at punch in the arm from Tori*

M: Settle down, you two! I have lots of questions to ask *wink* hehe. Okay Tori, why didn’t you just keep reading the journal to find out what exactly was going on with you? Leto told you to read it all. And I would certainly have to know what was going on with me.

T: Are you serious? First of all, I find out that I have a talking cat. A. Talking. Cat. Said talking cat tells me that I’m a witch and that I need to read my great, great, great, great grandmother’s journal to find out exactly what kind of witch I am. Because I just might be a super-badass witch on the wrong end of a magic stick. So I read the journal and I find out that my ancestor was a complete psycho who loved killing people because of a family blood curse … which by the way, also runs in MY veins. Can you imagine what was going through my head? The fear of becoming exactly like her, especially after what had happened with Brett, was mind numbing. I didn’t want to read anymore in the beginning because I was terrified … terrified of what I was and what I could become. And honestly, I just don’t think I was ready the first time I read the journal. It was too much. Total information overload.

M: I suppose that makes more sense. Hey Christian, what exactly does her blood smell like that makes it so appealing to you?

C: We vampires have a different sense of smell than you humans do. It’s sharper and based on many different elements, so it would be difficult for me to explain exactly what I think Tori’s blood smells like. Suffice it to say that it’s warm, and rich, and layered, and incredibly complex. It’s a scent that takes over every part of you, and makes you think of nothing else but having it, almost like an aphrodisiac. Think of the most delicious food you’ve ever smelled, so mouth-watering that you can actually taste it on your tongue, and then multiply that by a million—that’s a fraction of what I’m talking about.

M: Mmm, hamburgers come to mind. I can appreciate how hard it is to resist now! Alright, this one is for both of you: Did you really need to go back and forth a whole bunch of times to figure out you just couldn’t stay away from each other? It’s called love, people ;o)

T: Don’t look at me. I’m just a girl who liked a boy with major issues.
C: *Laughs* It’s very difficult to give in to something like love when you are bound by other things, laws specifically. Given our shared ancient history, even being with someone like Tori was dangerous. And I knew that, but seriously, how cute is she? I couldn’t resist but I knew I had to or we could both be in danger. But when she found out who she was, it changed everything. My desire to protect her outweighed everything else, including the laws I was bound to uphold under penalty of death. In the beginning, it was easier to fight my natural attraction. Then I just got to the point where I couldn’t anymore. Sure, it’s love, but at the same time, you have to try to do what is right even if it means going against everything inside of you. It makes what you achieve in the end so much more worth it.

: Okay, okay.. I understand now. So, if either of you could be just normal humans, would you choose to do so?

C: Yes.
T: Yes, if it meant I could be with him. *blushing* And no, not just for that.

M: Hey, you said it! Tori, what’s one thing you like most about your witch powers?

T: I like being able to teleport anywhere that I like. It’s awesome! No more airport lines, no more parking tickets, no more rest-stop bathrooms, no more I-95 traffic. And I can do it in my PJs. Yep, it’s pretty darn awesome.

: I wouldn't miss traffic one bit!! Now Christian, do you really think your relationship with Tori can last?

C: I hope so. Otherwise what are we both fighting for? I mean, there are things between us that may cause some friction but right now, we are taking it day by day. And Tori needs my protection now more than ever, especially as more of our kind know exactly what she is. I would never give up on her.

M: Awwww, good answer! So, if either of you could be characters in another novel, which one would it be?

C: Great question. I would be Death in Markus Zuzak’s The Book Thief. His thought process and the way that he sees the world, intrigue me. He is “haunted by humans,” as am I. It’s brilliant.
T: I would be Hermoine in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be the smartest witch at Hogwarts? She’s so cool, calm and collected. Plus I kind of like the idea of playing with wands—I mean honestly, what kind of witch doesn’t have a wand? Me, that’s who! Where’s the fun in that? Anyway, speaking of Hogwarts, which looks so interesting and mysterious, I can’t wait until I can do something like that myself, you know, go to a place where you could learn about spells like you would about Math or English? Meet other witches my age? That would be incredible.

M: I have yet to read either of those books if you can believe it. So, I know you can teleport, Tori. However, If you could time travel, where would you go?

T: Ooh, time travel. Definitely something I’d need to ask Leto about! Honestly, that cat knows everything there is to know about witchery. If I could, I’d want to go back to when Christian was a human. He showed me what he was like early on in one of his memories, and Paris in the seventeenth century was beautiful. I’d also want to visit the future to see if the world ends, and whether I had anything to do with it. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t want to know that.

M: I wouldn't want to know either! Christian, what’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most in getting older as a vampire?
C: Older? You’re joking, right? I age but yet I stay the same, trapped in the body of a nineteen year old for eternity. Age is relative to us, but I can say that I do look forward to the next decade or so with Tori. I daresay it will be very interesting!

: Aww, you're too cute, Christian! Tori, what would be the worst thing you’d have to do in order to protect your blood?

T: Probably kill someone. But I’ve already done that. The worst thing would be to hurt someone I love or put them in danger because of what I am.

M: That sounds legitimate - I can't imagine being in that situation! Any scoop on what’s coming up next for you guys? Lots of readers are patiently waiting for the next book you two are starring in!
C: We’re heading back to Paris so that should be interesting, and Tori will be meeting some more people like herself. *frowns* We’ll need to be extra careful given what she is, of course. Many, none so much as my brother, Lucian, will covet her power.
T: I’m so excited about moving to Paris! Aliya, a high priestess I met, told me that there’s a whole coven of witches there, and even magic schools. I’m going to check it out and who knows, maybe enroll if they’ll let me. That would be very cool!

: Ooh, I can't wait! Finally, who would both of you want to play you in a movie version of your lives?

C: Chase Crawford or Alex Pettyfer

T: Camilla Belle or Emily Browning

Thanks so much to Christian and Tori for stopping by and answering my questions!! Fantastic choices there, by the way. I would pick Chase and Camilla, definitely! Anyway, I hope you all got some insight on the story of these two crazy kids. I'm glad they cleared some stuff up for me! If you haven't read Bloodspell, make sure you do it soon! Catch Amalie Howard and Bloodspell on the web on Facebook, Twitter, and the book's website!!

Big thanks to Amalie Howard for the eARC of this novel
and for answering all my nosy, snarky questions!

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