Jul 31, 2011

In My Mailbox 7/31

Here's how this works: It's a weekly feature hosted by The Story Siren where we all post what new books we received in the mail, from the library, or contests we won, etc. Click the link for more info and to join in on the fun!

This week I got a couple books from giveaways, some material from the library, and a couple posters! I also got the cutest little surprises.. wait for those ones!

Thanks ladies!!! These giveaway books are much appreciated and I can't wait to dig in!

Library Books:
  • Meg Cabot - Overbite
  • Susan Colasanti - Something Like Fate (audio)
I'm going to return the book version of Overbite and pick up the audio version from my other library. I put them both on hold and the book version came in first, but I will have ZERO time to read it! Plus, I listened to the first one in the series, and I like to stick to the same format. Just never enough time in a day!

Poster came from Jessica @ Confessions of a Bookaholic
and the publisher of the book. Thanks!

I got this poster from my local movie theater.
They had a ton they were giving away, so I snagged one :o)

Finally!! These obviously didn't come from my mailbox, but I did receive them this week. Here's the story: a local no-kill animal shelter was running a special on Saturday to empty their cages in order to make room for animals from other local shelters who euthanize their animals. Such a great thing, right? So the prices were slashed in order to make room. Puppies were $50, dogs were $25, kitties were $25 and cats were $5! GREAT deals! Tons of people showed up, and for the cause we were supporting, I didn't wait minding the hour and a half it took for my boyfriend and me to meet these adorable pups. We picked one, and while we were paying, we were lightly persuaded into getting another puppy. Their reasoning? It's easier with two! We fell for it, and we're so glad we did. They're hysterical, clumsy little things with lots of life! And they didn't keep us up last night with sad whines. They're pretty independent and seriously adorable!! Check them out!

Max and Titan :o)
They're 2 month old Husky/Shepherd puppies.

We think Max, the lighter one, may be a Lab/Shepherd mix because we don't really see the Husky in him. But who knows, when he gets older maybe we'll see it more! They're ridiculously cute and so much fun. They like to jump in the pool, which is a little scary, but they're big enough for the first step. They're getting the hang of pottying outside, which is great. We're looking into getting a doggy door.. I just hope the cat doesn't try to use it! We'll see if they get the hang of that. :o) Any suggestions, tips, etc? Please let me know! Here's a bonus picture of them taking a nap. They like to lay on clothes and in a bunch of our stuff. lol


  1. Hey, I'm a new follower and very jealous of Divergent, your Jane Eyre poster, and the puppies ;)

    Once Upon A Time

  2. Oh I really need to read something by Elizabeth Scott, and.. Divergent! They look so good, hope you'll enjoy all of them.
    Already said the puppies are cute, I'm so jealous! My brother brought home a young chicken this week, he's so little and cute :D

  3. Great books, darling :)

    I saw when you Tweeted a pic of the puppies, and I was like OMG.. so adorable! Now, hearing the story is even better! I absolutely love No Kill Shelters, and when they host things like this to find animals good homes. Your puppies are beautiful :)

  4. Thanks everyone!! No kill shelters are the best!

  5. Oh they are just too cute. and the story is lovely =] I adore them!!

    I've got Divergent but still haven't read it!

    The Cait Files

  6. I am dying to read overbite!! it looks so good! cant wait to hear what you think about it!

  7. The dogs are adorable!

    I love the Jane Eyre poster. =) I hear you can snag the large 3D displays too if you ask for them.

  8. Ah, puppy love! :) Too cute.

    Funny how you mention going through series in the same format - I do the same! If I start a series in audio format, it makes me all grumpy to swtich to a traditional book partway through.

  9. I got Between Here and Forever too! I love stories about MCs living in the shadow of older siblings. Whoa--I think I just had a major life-changing revelation there.

  10. OOh I hope to read Overbite this week as well! Looove the puppies!! They are sooo cute! We have a shepard/husky mix as well! He was that adorable as a puppy as well, now he's a big stinker!!

    Happy Reading! Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  11. Again with the cute puppies! I just want to snuggle them!

    You got some awesome books. I still want to read Between Here and Forever!

    Check out my IMM: http://onceuponaprologue.blogspot.com/2011/07/in-my-mailbox-9.html

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  13. I would probably buy a physical copy of divergent, cause I love it and would love to be able to loan it out.


  14. I'd probably buy a copy of Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. :)

  15. Omigosh!!! I love your new additions, particularly the canine ones! How could you *NOT* take them both? (BTW, the shelter was incorrect. It is *NOT* easier with two puppies. But since they're both "active" breeds, they can definitely play with each other, so that aspect is easier, right?) The book, Puppies for Dummies is a valuable resource for even seasoned dog owners. :)

    LOL. I think the adoption "sale" is hilarious though, but I am so glad that so many animals got great homes, including yours!

    Congrats, puppy momma!

  16. BTW, I think you're right on Max being a lab/shepherd mix because of his coloring, short hair, big head, (lab) and enlongated muzzle (shepherd). Titan is definitely a shepherd mix, but I don't see the husky in either of these pups. Titan looks more retriever/shepherd to me, though I guess husky isn't out of the question. Time will tell I suppose.

  17. Thanks Amy!! I will definitely look into that book. And everyone has told me that it was a better idea to get two. Just at least to keep the boredom from setting in. It's not easy, but they're so cute. It's been.. interesting. As cute as they are, I can't wait for them to get bigger, walk on leash, pee outside.. lol.

    And you're right. We'll see what they look like later in life. Not sure where they got husky/shepherd, and I'm not even sure they're related. By looking at them, you wouldn't think so. Two "unwanted litters" came into the shelter right before the "sale" and that's all we know. It will be interesting to watch them grow up! Thanks for the advice :o) Much appreciated!!

  18. Mickey, I'm just going off the two versus one puppy debate in PUPPIES FOR DUMMIES (Yes, there is a *WHOLE* section devoted to it.) I think the author of the book believes that it's harder to train two puppies. Looking back, it was probably a dumb thing for me to mention at all. I'm sorry. I definitely wasn't intending to be a jerk head.

    Just from having dogs, I think it's always better to have more than one. They seem to enjoy each other's company and their relationship with each other doesn't interfere with that of their relationship with their humans (Again, the experts may disagree, but I'm going off personal experience. Some argue that dogs bond with each other and not their humans.)

    No matter what, you are giving Max and Titan what they need--a home, a family, companionship, boundaries, and stability. These are things these puppies didn't have before, so I guess that makes you a hero (and a fur momma!)

    How's your cat taking to her new bros?

  19. I am not sure what book I would get.

  20. oh my they are so adorable!!!! <3 You will have your work cut out for you :-P


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