Jul 1, 2011

Friday Five (7)

Hosted by Kate's Library, the Friday Five is a list of up to five (5) blog posts and/or articles read during the week and found interesting. Stuff I feel is share-worthy. I haven't done this in a couple weeks, but I've come across some interesting stuff this week! Check out my week's list:

  1. Here's a page about 13 things you probably pay for right now but could get free from your local library. I love my local library and often use it for books, audio books, music, and movies. There's lots more to gain.
  2. Here are 5 online habits that can hurt your career. It's better to use caution, especially in these times, so you don't lose your job!
  3. Rie @ Mission to Read wrote up this great post about blogging tips for ARCs and review requests. I found this one VERY helpful, so read it and go give her your thanks!
  4. I found this article from someone on Twitter. It talks about why book reviews are important since they're free. It helps an author at no cost when they can use ebook form.
  5. Finally, here's a fantastic article with some NetGalley profile tips - some dos and don'ts if you will. I updated mine right after reading this one! Thanks!
Let me know if any of these were helpful! If you find some great links this week, feel free to share. :o)


  1. Nice post. New follower from Parajunkie. :)

  2. Aww fantastic!! Thank you :o) Hope you stick around!


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