Jun 19, 2011

Review: Richard Brown - The Gift of Illusion

Richard Brown - The Gift of Illusion
  • Pub. Date: May 15, 2011
  • Publisher: Richard Brown, via Smashwords
  • Format: NOOK Book (eBook) 188pp
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Genre: Thriller
  • BN ID: 2940011324789

Goodreads.com/BN.com description:

Something wicked has returned to Elmwood, and it longs to continue the study it began over a century ago. It's looking for volunteers, but few seem worthy of the gift. Isaac Winters might be the one. He's a detective with a damaged past, and something to prove. Here's his chance.

Still haunted by his wife's murder sixteen years earlier, Detective Isaac Winters has thought more and more about turning in his badge. Over the years, he's seen the worst mankind has to offer. Until now.

A strange fire has consumed the life of a young girl. But she won't be the last. There are no witnesses and no evidence except a small stone figurine, a gateway to the past.

Accompanied by a partner with questionable experience, Isaac must discover and defeat this faceless villain before it takes from him the greatest reminder of his dead wife.

Their daughter.

My review:

The prologue is heartbreaking but it sucks you in. Then the story moves on to a little girl who is being bullied at school. The reader hopes for the best, but no.. disaster strikes. And it continues to do so at every turn. This little town gets a taste of evil in a big way! I did stay interested until the end, and I did have those, "OH NO!" moments throughout the novel. There is some truly evil and disturbing stuff in here. I wasn't totally expecting that, so beware if you're not okay with death and nasty! I certainly am okay with most things, but not everyone is.

Some scenes were a little tiresome, and there was a lot of description that I basically skimmed without missing any pertinent information regarding the storyline. I'm glad I read this story because it will probably stick with me but probably because of the evilness. Here's the breakdown..

What I liked:
  • The twists and turns. While this faceless villain became slightly predictable in his actions after he took someone, you were never sure who he was going to take next. Those were the "OH NO!" moments!
  • Swearing. This is an adult novel, so deal with it. I always enjoy a few curse words because, let's be honest, I say them myself. I don't feel it's an honest conversation when you're pissed or scared if you don't swear! Just my opinion ;o)
  • Mostly action. While I enjoy a love story, this book didn't really have that. It was refreshing for a story to hint at it instead of be all about it.
  • The end. I won't get spoilery, but it does leave you hanging a bit to make you wonder what's next. Gives the reader a bit of freedom to decide the characters' next moves.
What I didn't like:
  • Grammar/punctuation. If you've read any of my other reviews, you know how very important this is to me. Maybe it was my ebook version, but punctuation was missing, tenses switched sometimes, and wrong words were used at the wrong time.
  • Unimportant dialogue. Just my opinion, but I don't need to know step by step what and how they ordered dinner.
  • The end. It left you hanging! I know I said I liked that part, and I did, but I also didn't like that. What exactly happens?? I won't say what I want to know here, but I need to be told.
  • Some explicit language (cursing)
  • Some sexual(ish) content
  • Again, this is very much an adult novel, so just be careful!

Bottom Line: Entertaining and quite different but a little freaky! :o)


3/5 book sharks

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Thanks to Richard Brown for providing me with the ebook copy of this book!
Much appreciated!

And stay tuned! Tomorrow I will have an interview with Richard Brown and a GIVEAWAY!!

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