Jun 11, 2011

Pitch Dark Books - Dark Days Author Signing

Last night, Changing Hands in Tempe hosted an extremely awesome event! Dark Days of Supernatural was an author tour with some fantastic YA authors, The Tempe stop included Veronica Roth, Aprilynne Pike, Ellen Schreiber, and Josephine Angelini. At a table near the stage the bookstore and authors offered bookmarks, Hershey kisses, balloons, and temporary Divergent tattoos of each of the factions. Fun stuff! (And just a reminder, I don't mind if you use my pictures, just please let me know! Thanks!)

My friend Audra was gracious enough to go with me. She's a fellow bookie, and we usually go to these things together. We walked into the bookstore, and as we were walking in the authors were coming into the store as well! I didn't realize this, of course, until after they sat down at the tables because I usually have no idea what authors look like. Whoops. Anyway, here's where the panel of authors was sitting.

From left to right: Josephine Angelini, Ellen Schreiber, Aprilynne Pike, and Veronica Roth.

I tried taking good pictures with my digital camera, but it hates me. I was forced to use my cell phone. And I was not in the front row so lots of heads were in the way, but we could hear loud and clear! The lovely ladies answered questions for a good 45 minutes. There were questions about movie deals, writer's block, the infamous WSJ article, favorite books and authors, meeting other authors, and the books in their respective series. Check out Late Bloomer Online's Twitter account for tweets with quotes from their answers. Since I've listened to at least one book but each of them, I asked a question regarding audiobooks: whether the like the idea of them, if they've listened to their own, and what they think of them. Here's the rundown!

Josephine Angelini was very enthusiastic about this question. Devon Sorvari reads Starcrossed, and Josephine actually went to college with Devon. They were friends, and when Josephine got samples of voices for her audio book, she was immediately drawn to one voice - Devon's! She didn't know at the time, but when she found out who was reading the book Josephine was very excited! I've stated in previous Devon-read reviews that I'm not a fan of hers. I was sad because Josephine loves her, but I haven't been impressed.

Ellen Schreiber was excited because she also has a Devon reading her books - turns out it's the same one. I know this because, like I said, I've listened to the books from each author. Ellen's books, Vampire Kisses series, were my first encounter with Devon Sorvari, and that is probably why I am not a fan. Either way, Ellen loves all the voices she does.

Aprilynne Pike likes to pretend that her audio books do not exist! That cracked me up. I listened to Wings, and the narrator, Mandy Sigfried, pronounces Tamani's name wrong. Aprilynne was not impress by that or the fact that Tamani sounds like a stiff Brit and David sounds like a stoner. I started listening to Spells and Mandy now pronounces Tamani's name right!

Veronica Roth didn't even think of the audio book until she was on iTunes one day. She looked up Divergent, BOUGHT it, and enjoyed the fact that Emma Galvin doesn't have a super girly voice. Triss is a rough, tough chick. Emma's voice does her justice since it's deep and strong, just like the character.

So after the authors answered our questions, we got in lines to get stuff signed! Here's a peek at what this little bit of chaos looked like:

Each author had her own line, so once you got your book or whatever signed by one author you moved to the next author line to get stuff signed. I started right to left because, by the time we got our chairs put away, I was over in that area. Without further ado, I would like to present pictures of the women signing my nook cover and then pictures of me with the authors. Leaning over the table in most occasions led to some atrocious pictures of me, but I so don't care! Check it out!

Veronica Roth and me

Aprilynne Pike and me

Josephine Angelini and me

Ellen Schreiber and me

If you can't tell, I had a great time! I'm so glad my friend Audra went with me, and I regret not getting a picture of the two of us. Either way, I had a wonderful experience with her meeting these awesome authors. My nook cover is now even more full than before - I had to move to the front! (I went to the Smart Chicks tour and met Kathy Reichs at a separate signing, so the whole back of my nook cover is full - picture later.) Here's what it looks like now:

BIG big thanks to Changing Hands, Pitch Dark Books, and all four authors for being so awesome and having this tour!! Also, thanks to Audra for heading up there with me! It's so refreshing seeing other readers and bloggers coming together. I love knowing that people still read, that reading is still an enjoyable hobby, and that authors are still important. We love what you do!! Keep up the awesome work! If you want more pictures of this event, please check out my Facebook book blog page!

I will leave you with a picture from the Smart Chicks tour because I realized that I wore the same shirt to both of these events. Totally a coincidence, but I think it's hilarious! So here's me with Alyson Noel back in September in Scottsdale, and then the picture of my nook cover with autographs from Kimberly Derting, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Melissa Marr, and Kelley Armstrong :o)

A little blurry but that's okay. Audra went with me to this and took the picture for me :o)

Kathy Reichs and her son Brendan autographed in that blank spot. I can't find the picture of that one for some reason! Anyway, I'm collecting, and next up is JA Jance next month!! :o) Thanks everyone for checking out my blog and sharing this wonderful event wrap up with me!


  1. Goodness, It looks like you'd a blast, girl. I would of loved to meet all those authors but sadly I live to far away from the events. :( Have fun reading. Thanks for the follow. I'm following your blog back as well. I love it!

  2. We did have a fantastic time. Hopefully something like this comes close to where you live!! Thanks for the follow as well :o)


  3. Wow, what fun! Love the pix. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This is awesome M!!! Thanks for saying my name a bunch of times...makes a girl feel special. I really had a great time and look forward to going to more events, like this, in the future!!


  5. I'm so glad you came and had fun!!! :o) And you're welcome for saying your name a bunch of times.. lol you deserve it!


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