Jun 5, 2011

Blog Award!!

Oh my goodness, my first blog award!!

How the Award works:
  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
  • Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

First and foremost, I MUST thank LR At Random for the awesome award! Her blog would definitely be one that I would give this award to, most definitely! Thank you so much for this! It means a whole lot to me :o)

Here are my seven random facts about myself:
  1. I have some very different, unconventional pets. Reptiles, a tarantula, and a scorpion.. plus a cat! Check out the pictures on my About Me page :o)
  2. Even though it looks like I read a lot, I am a very SLOW reader. This is why I love audio books so much! I listen to a majority of the books I've "read."
  3. My socks never match. I shouldn't say never, because if I happen to grab two of the same sock, so be it. They're always the same length/height though.
  4. I love other entertainment as well: TV shows (just watched all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently), movies (Love Actually, Boondock Saints, Moulin Rouge, Donnie Darko), and music (Incubus, Maroon 5, Eminem, Train, Gavin Degraw, Britney Spears). I love everything!
  5. My boyfriend and I go to the movies just about every weekend. However, we usually go Saturday or Sunday morning because it's cheaper ;o)
  6. I used to live near Chicago in Illinois for 22 years. I moved to Surprise, Arizona, with my boyfriend nearly 3 years ago. I will never move back!
  7. I just recently paid off my car! It was a six-year deal, and I finally finished. That extra money is of course now going to fill up my gas tank since it's very expensive and I have an hour drive to work.
Yay!! Now it's time to pass on the torch! Here are the 15 blogs I think deserve this award!

in no particular order..
  1. Book Chick City
  2. a GREAT read
  3. Stuck In YA Books
  4. Bookshelf Lust
  5. The Reading Housewives of Indiana
  6. Anna Reads
  7. Mission to Read
  8. Dog-Eared & Bookmarked
  9. Dystopian Desserts
  10. Semisweet
  11. Book Club Girl
  12. The Irish Banana Review
  13. Book Kitty Blog
  14. A Few More Pages
  15. Alison Can Read

Thanks again to LR At Random for the award :o)


  1. Congrats!! A tarantula and a scorpion?!? Omg you're crazy!! & congrats on paying off your car :)

  2. Hahaha thank you! :o) Yeah, we have some strange pets. We rarely take out the tarantula, and the scorpion never comes out! lol They are my babies though!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm flattered :)

  4. "Her blog would definitely be one that I would give this award to, most definitely!"

    Aw thanks :) I appreciate that!

    "Thank you so much for this! It means a whole lot to me :o)" You are so very welcome!

    I always joked around that I wanted a tarantula or scorpion as a pet but in reality I seriously doubt I would ever do it lol.

  5. Thanks, Lo! <3 your blog, too! : )

  6. Apparently I cannot delete my comment, lol, so my name slip up shall remain. SORRY!

    P.S I mailed your E. Scott book this a.m : )

  7. It's all good! Thanks, and thank you for mailing my book!! I'm so excited!! :o)



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