Jun 9, 2011

Audio Book Week - Thursday: Audio Books For The Uninitiated

Thursday's topic is: Audio Books for the Uninitiated
Whether you just started listening or have a long history with audio books, you probably have some suggestions for those new to audio whether for narrators, titles, or ways to experience the medium. Write a post, make a list, get creative.

This post is just going to be a bunch of lists. They won't be in any particular order, so they aren't ranked. Just a list of generals. Hopefully you enjoy some of my favorites, take some into consideration, or recommend some to me from you own favorites! Weigh in with a comment at the top and let me know your favorites! Put a link to your page! I'll visit :o)

Favorite Narrators:
  • Johanna Parker
  • Elisabeth Rodgers
  • Phil Gigante
  • Therese Plummer
  • Julia Gibson
  • Justine Eyre
  • Tavia Gilbert
  • CJ Critt
  • Steve Martin
  • Campbell Scott
  • Lorelei King
  • Barbara McCulloh
  • Cynthia Nixon
  • Barbara Rosenblat
  • Carolyn McCormick
  • Susan Bennett
Favorite Audio Book Productions:


  1. Thanks for the list....

    My list is already growing from names to go check out...

    Christopher Moore - Bite Me - this sounds fun...


  2. I LOVE Christopher Moore's Love Story trilogy! Read them in order, but the last one is my favorite when it comes to the narration. :o) Thank you!

  3. My favorite Christopher Moore Audio is A Dirty Job, read by Fisher Stephens. There is a rumor he may do a sequel *fingers crossed*

    Great lists: I've considered the Jack Daniels series, just never actually took the plunge.

  4. Thanks for the list! I'm always on the lookout for something good. I've been meaning to check out Bossypants, so maybe I'll give the audio a try. :)

  5. Kathy, that's been a favorite among bloggers. Definitely get a copy and check it out! :o)

    Thanks Bob! Do check out Jack Daniels. Alternate narrators, set in Chicago.. I like it!

  6. Oh, do you like Cynthia Nixon? I know that Macmillan uses her a lot, but I just couldn't picture it, I wasn't sure I wanted Miranda's voice in my head for 9 hours. But if she is one of your favorites...

  7. Before you take my word, Jen, I've never watched an episode of SATC.. maybe that's why I like her :o)


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