May 5, 2011

Theatrical Thursday - Something Borrowed

Emily Giffin - Something Borrowed

This book is where it started for Emily Giffin and me. We have a bit of a love/hate relationship. She writes stories where you want to root for the protagonist, but even if she wins it still feels like losing in a way. Giffin always manages updates her readers on her characters from previous books by making them friends or relatives of the characters in her new books. I'm glad I managed to read these in order, because I would have been mad if I knew what was going to happen with these books.

I have to say that I am super excited about this movie, but I'm worried! Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable, and I can definitely see her as a great Rachel, the main female lead. On the other hand, Kate Hudson as Darcy is a problem for me. I adore Kate Hudson, and Darcy is not someone who I would ever be able to be friends with. She's sort of the villain in this story. Hudson is not any of the things I feel about Darcy, so I am nervous about this casting decision. Either way, I am definitely going to see this movie. I was very delighted when I heard they made a film out of this, and if this one does well the second one, Something Blue, should be made into a movie! Go see this!!!

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