May 27, 2011

Friday Five

Hosted by Kate's Library, the Friday Five is a list of up to five (5) blog posts and/or articles read during the week. Stuff I feel is share-worthy. Check out my week's list:

  1. Alison @ Alison Can Read posted her advice on how to gain followers for your blog. Definitely some sound advice to follow there for sure!
  2. My interview partner: Bob Reiss @ The Guilded Earlobe. Just go check out his blog! Learn about audio books. Get some recommendations :o)
  3. Author Darynda Jones explains why writers should never be trusted..very funny read!
  4. Goodreads is starting their own book club!!! Their first pick: Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad.
  5. Spotlight On Digital Media and Learning posted an article about librarians being teachers, too, and why they're needed. Read about it here and get in touch with them if you can help.

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