May 20, 2011

Friday Five

Hosted by Kate's Library, the Friday Five is a list of up to five (5) blog posts and/or articles read during the week. Stuff I feel is share-worthy. Check out my week's list:

  1. Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, testified in front of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation last week to change the way the country feels about work. It's very well-said.

  2. Rie @ Mission to Read wrote about whether or not an author's opinion (opposing yours) should keep you from reading his/her work. How do you weigh in?

  3. My friend was in the band, Company of Thieves. Their new CD came out on Tuesday, and if you use this coupon at an FYE store you can get it for free!!

  4. Rachel @ The Greyest Ghost AND Book Shelf Lust took photographs at the Oscar de la Renta 2012 Resort collection show. They are gorgeous!

  5. Rebecca @ Book Lady's Blog shared a link on Twitter about The Filter Bubble. There are 10 things you can do to pop it on that site.
Anything you want to share this week? Something I can feature next week? Leave a comment!


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  2. I also like the smell of bread. Specially when it just got out of the oven.
    Ivan Bookworm

  3. Yum! I love the smell of most baked goods when they're baking. Nommm. :o)


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