May 6, 2011

Friday Five

Hosted by Kate's Library, the Friday Five is a list of up to five (5) blog posts and/or articles read during the week.

I've decided to participate in this as my Friday Free-For-All since it's basically all the stuff I'd want to talk about anyway! It goes up on my blog and I post it to Kate's Library blog :o) So here's my first post for Friday Five!

01. I found a blog on Monday (as I've been constantly finding fun, new blogs to read!) and she talks about abridged vs. unabridged. It was definitely on my list of topics to write about. I'm not as opposed to abridged as she is, but I agree that the full book is usually better!

02. Everyone has been reading this book, Divergent, and loving it! I guess I really need to read it! Here is one of the raving reviews for this book.

03. How cool is this?! It's a Spring Blog Carnival! Each participating site has its own booth and giveaways. Such a cool idea!!

04. I really love this review of One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. I adore this series, and I agree with the last paragraph of her review! I disagree with the Chicagoland Vamps series being similar, though. Didn't like that one at all.

05. From the same site, this FAQ for bloggers is really important. I'm going to read through it more thoroughly over the weekend!

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