May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA - Thursday (Nurturing Relationships)

Nurturing Relationships

This quote comes directly from the Armchair BEA website concerning Thursday's theme:

"Blogging is about community, and community is about relationships."

So true, isn't it? I've only been blogging for 2 months, but already I feel like a valued member of this community. Book bloggers have turned out to be the best people! While we're all different, we also share something huge in common that brings us together in a big way. I'm very glad that this community was already fully established by the time I decided to create my blog. I can't imagine a better place to be.

The relationships I've formed have been small so far, just because I'm so new. However, it means a lot to me that in just around 2 months, I've gained 102 followers! Sure, some of it has been a 'you follow me, I'll follow you' thing, but I know my posts are being read and commented on. Usually it's newbies checking out my blog for the first time. Sometimes it's the same people coming back to my blog, which is great! I appreciate every single person who follows and comments, and I try my best to get back to each and every person any way I can.

I recently found out that I need surgery. I've put this in posts so my dedicated followers know why I may be absent this coming week. Everyone who saw that and commented on those posts wished me well, and no one knows how much that means to me!! I don't know any one in this blogging community personally, and I still got so many responses and good luck wishes from virtual strangers! You guys are SO awesome!!

Since I'm so new I can't really comment on one single special relationship. The only things I can say are generalities: memes, contests, challenges, giveaways, social media like Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter have been SO helpful! I've connected with an insane amount of fantastic book bloggers in the past 2 months. I've even connected with authors! And with all my connecting, I've had authors send me their books to review. Authors. Sending me their books. For review. For freeeeeee!! I always review honestly, and I'm very excited about this!! While this may be normal for some bloggers, I'm just finding the awesomeness in blogging about what I love. I feel like a celebrity some days!

When it comes down to it, I'm just grateful to be a part of this amazing community. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. No one has turned me away, said a bad thing, or been negative in any way. Armchair BEA has really opened up some new doors for me regarding my blog and new relationships. The interview was particularly helpful because I found a fellow audio booker! I highly doubt I can find a friendlier, more interesting blogging community anywhere. Thanks to EVERYONE who has followed, commented on, visited, talked about, etc etc my blog!! I appreciate everyone who has had a hand in making it what it is right now. It will evolve and change and get even better in the months, hopefully years, to come. THANK YOU!

***A special thanks to my super html/computer smart boyfriend, JK. He's been SO very helpful and amazing, treating all of my crazy requests (ranging from simple to wtf are you thinking?!) with care and respect. He's been able to accomplish everything I've asked for. This blog wouldn't look anything like this if it weren't for him, and I've had many compliments on the template :o) He's also been patient when I haven't responded to questions because I've been too absorbed by blogging, and he's been a champion, spreading the word of my blog by liking my blog's Facebook fan page. Thanks babe!! (Now let's see if he reads this, hehe.. :::wink wink:::) ***


  1. Nice! I'm glad to have found your blog. From you currently reading, I see we read similar books. Love, love City of Bones. Unearthly is really good too. Enjoy the read.

    Thanks for following

    Following back- :)

  2. Wow, 100+ followers in two months! That is awesome. But not surprising, since I already feel as though we're conversing when you visit me back and comment. Thanks for that. Good luck on the upcoming surgery.


  3. It has been great getting to know you through Armchair BEA!

  4. I like your blog's name. Rather than talk about bookstores, publishers or bloggers, I'm talking about volunteering. Come see what I mean.

  5. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Twitter Hop Thursday! Would love a follow back:


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