Apr 17, 2011

Weekly Features

This is how a week on my blog typically goes:

-New Release Monday Madness
This section of the week will be dedicated to new releases coming out the next day, Tuesday. I will be checking Barnes and Noble and Book Reporter to check out what’s coming soon. Featuring some of these upcoming books every Monday will remind readers to look into them and keep reading. Probably I will try to do something a little special for the ones I am particularly excited about. So check back every Monday to find out what’s new for Tuesday!

-Teen Tuesday
This feature will shine a spotlight on either upcoming or previously read favorite YA novels. For whatever reason, I tend to read quite a bit of this sometimes. They’re pretty comfortable when you subtract adult drama. Sometimes they tend to be a bit predictable to a mid-twenties mind, but I enjoy them nonetheless. A lot. If you’re not a YA reader, maybe these articles will entice you. Let me know if you read YA, write YA, or want to enjoy YA, and I’ll feature it here!

-Top Ten Tuesday
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this feature includes random weekly top tens. Each week the list is new, and it gets linked back to the The Broke and the Bookish website. The topics are posted up on their site and are predetermined by them. I absolutely love making lists, and I get a little carried away sometimes. Naturally I love this day :o)

-"Waiting on" Wednesday
Hosted by Breaking The Spine, this section will feature future upcoming releases that I personally am excited about. These will generally be coming up later in the year. I can put a link up on the Breaking the Spine website, so perhaps more people will follow my blog! Let me know what you're looking forward to, or even what you're writing, and maybe I'll feature it here as well.

-WWW Wednesday
This Wednesday feature is hosted by Should Be Reading. To play along, just answer the following three questions… What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you’ll read next? Then comment back on their website for comments and other suggestions! I like this one because I read a LOT and have a lot of things I want to get to. It helps me keep track on a weekly basis.

-Theatrical Thursday
Just like it sounds, Thursdays will deal with movies! I will talk about books turned into movies that will be coming out the next day, Friday. It may be just one, it may be multiple, it may just be one I'm excited about. Either way, maybe this section will encourage you to check out the movie and/or read the book.

-Follow Friday
Hosted by Parajunkee, Follow Friday allows bloggers to connect and discover new blogs. A question is posted on Thursday evening, and on Fridays the question gets answered by bloggers who then link their posts on Parajunkee's website and follow the featured blog. That sounds like a mouthful, but it's easy and very useful!

-Friday Five
Hosted by Kate's Library, the Friday Five is a list of up to five (5) blog posts and/or articles read during the week. Stuff I feel is share-worthy will get posted in this feature with a link to the corresponding interesting article. It's great because we can use other bloggers' articles and reviews to spread the word! At least, that would be nice *wink*

-Book Blogger Hop
Hosted by Crazy For Books in the spirit of the Twitter Friday Follow, the Book Blogger Hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word! Hopefully people click on the link and check out the rest of my blog. I hope to find some new ones to check out as well!

-In My Mailbox
Here's how this works. It's a weekly feature hosted by The Story Siren where we all post what new books we received in the mail, from the library, or contests we won, etc. I usually post the new stuff I've discovered from my library, and I usually check out audio books over print because I like the experience better.

-Sunday Salon
Hosted on Facebook, features in this section will include mentionable reads, past and present. I may also compare books to their corresponding movies. I may write about books from local/lesser known/up and coming authors. I may just write about issues related to the reading realm. This section will include anything I think is interesting in the world of books. I'd love suggestions for this! (Sometimes I use older posts for this one to get exposure on reviews or the top ten lists.)

Not all daily features are used every week. Sometimes I just don't have time to come up with something for each. Not for lack of trying, that's for sure. I may post a review here and there, but I like to keep those on Goodreads as well. Suggestions / questions / comments? Contact me at imabookshark (at) yahoo (dot) com or leave a comment here anytime. Thanks!

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