Apr 28, 2011

Theatrical Thursday - Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë - Jane Eyre

Goodreads created a Jane Eyre challenge to read the book before the movie came out, take a quiz on the book, pick a favorite quote, etc. I completed it in hopes of seeing the movie when it was released. I hadn't read the book before so I figured now was as good as ever. Here is my review for the book, but BE WARNED - there are spoilers, as it's basically a summary of the entire book.

Here are some highlights for those who have not read it and wish not to be spoiled:

First of all, I believed this to be a general love story, the likes of which Jane Austen might have written. Her novels are fluffy romance compared to this. I will say I prefer the fluffy romance, but with not knowing anything at all about what this novel contained, I appreciated the unknown and the grit in this one. This novel contained fire, accidents, deaths, monsters, child abuse, infidelity, mystery, deceit, crime, love, and relationships. Family, money, and proper characters were a given, but the others somewhat surprised me. I thought this book had just a ton of words, and too many things happened for one novel. Maybe that's because I'm used to the novels of today. We are much more of an instant gratification society that this book seemed very long and drawn out. I did enjoy it, especially since I had zero idea of what it was about to begin with. But I felt like a lot of this story could have been told in a shorter amount of time.

I also wrote about how I thought Jane was kind of a fool. But times were different, so maybe I would have done the same thing. Either way, I read it with the mind of a 21st century woman, and those were my thoughts. And I still want to see the movie. So if it ever comes out in not-so-limited release, I will go see it. I have not seen anything Mia Wasikowska has done, but she looks like a pretty good Jane to me. Hopefully it's a good remake!

Has anyone already seen it? Let me know your thoughts!

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