Apr 19, 2011

Teen Tuesday!

This feature will shine a spotlight on either upcoming or previously read favorite YA novels. For whatever reason, I tend to read quite a bit of this sometimes. They’re pretty comfortable when you subtract adult drama. Sometimes they tend to be a bit predictable to a mid-twenties mind, but I enjoy them nonetheless. A lot. If you’re not a YA reader, maybe these articles will entice you. Let me know if you read YA, write YA, or want to enjoy YA, and I’ll feature it here!

Spotlight on... The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

This series has two novels so far with the promise of two more in the future. The Body Finder series features Violet Ambrose, a high school girl with a very special ability: she sees echoes of the murdered. It doesn’t end there. The echoes, which can be tastes, smells, colors, sounds, etc., are also imprinted on the murderer. She investigates on her own when she finds a local girl’s echo, but her best friend Jay is very protective. It doesn’t help that Violet is falling very deep in love with him. The book takes her to places she hasn’t been yet, scary places, romantic places.. but she’s a survivor! Read this one to find out what happens with Violet, the echoes, and her relationship with Jay. Very, very interesting! Here’s my review:

“I reaaallllyy got wrapped up into Violet and Jay's friendship/relationship/whateveryoucallit!!!! I also thought her 'gift' was an interesting one. Something different from the paranormal I've been reading lately. The whole thing enveloped me and sucked me in from the very beginning. Why it took me this long to read it, I don't know. I felt involved in their lives, and the suspense of getting the killer's perspective really made the difference. This could be a stand-alone book and it would be satisfying, but I know that there is a second book, and I absolutely CANNOT wait for it!!!”

So read it. Just read it, and then read Derting’s follow-up, Desires of the Dead. It’s excellent, entertaining, and engaging, a page-turner for sure. This series is perfectly set up for a lot more adventure in the future. Violet and Jay have a peculiar relationship, and it is fun to read about them. The echoes Violet encounters are creative, and Derting runs contests on her Twitter account to include readers’ suggestions.

As a side note, I met this author at a book signing, and she’s sweet as pie. She deserves any and all positive recognition she receives. So please give these books a shot, review them on Goodreads, Amazon, your own blog, etc. Always be honest, but I hope you enjoy!

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