Apr 26, 2011

Teen Tuesday - Meg Cabot Edition

Spotlight on... The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

This series has six books, and I've read (and thoroughly enjoyed) them all! It's been a while since I read this series, but with Meg Cabot's new YA trilogy coming out today (Abandon), I have decided to feature this great YA series! Suze Simon moves from New York to live with her remarried mother in San Francisco and soon finds that her mediator skills between the living and the dead will need use there. A ghost named Jesse is hanging around in her bedroom. There is some history with Jesse, and Suze becomes.. attached. She also starts at a new school where a ghost has revenge on the brain. She meets new people but has to try to keep her secret.

I was sucked in from the beginning of this series. My review for the first one (Shadowland) went like this: This is pretty funny and cute. Suze is a likable, real girl, even if she sees ghosts. It's pretty interesting, the stuff she gets into because of her 'gift' and her feelings towards it. I'll definitely finish up this series.

And I did finish it up! To steal from my review of the second book (Ninth Key), these books are short and sweet. They have curve balls to throw you off, but it all comes together in the end. And from my review of the third novel (Reunion), Suze has spunk and attitude. She's a liar, but she needs to be one sometimes. She deals with some heavy stuff, but it's still unrolled in a light manner.

The fourth and fifth books followed the same suit, and the sixth and final one was easily my favorite of the whole series! It wraps everything up, which is no spoiler. Obviously things need to conclude. However, the end is not anything I was expecting, and I actually gave the last book 4 stars! I wrote that I wanted to give it 5, but for whatever reason I am very stingy about my 5-star ratings.

I hope this inspires you to pick up this series if YA is your thing. Meg Cabot has a lot of great stuff out there, too. Her Princess Diaries series is pretty popular, and her adult novels are fan-freaking-tastic as well. If you haven't read anything by Miss Cabot, I highly recommend reading anything by her. This is a great start, though!

Anything you recommend, want to see featured, have written in the YA genre? I'll be happy to write about it here! Let me know :o)


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