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Limited Time Sale-- Let Love Live by Melissa Collins


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 Who would you become if you lost the only person who ever mattered? 

 For twenty-six year old Dylan Hopkins, the answer is easy. He’s become no one. Memories of the happier times are all he has left as he finds himself meandering numbly through his now dull life. Though he cares about his work and family dearly, he’s yet to let himself find love again. Afraid of letting go of what he once had, Dylan chooses to keep his heart buried, where it belongs, having died a long time ago. 

 Conner Michelson is about to change everything Dylan knows. He’s every bit the bad boy persona - tatted up, ex-MMA fighter, but after an injury leaves him unable to fight, he has to rethink his goals. Having just opened his own gym, Conner can cross his first major life accomplishment off his very short list. Next up: find a man he can settle down with and build a family. Seems simple enough - a dream most people have, but when he meets Dylan, his carefree, easy-going life is thrown into a tailspin. 

 Determined to keep Dylan in his life, Conner vows to resurrect Dylan's long ago buried heart and let love live once more.


Here's what people had to say about Let Love Live: "Let Love Live is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking tale of a man falling in love, losing love and finding it again." -Christy "What a story! I lived it, breathed it and completely fell in love with this book and this author. Melissa Collins has definitely gained a new fan because I am hooked!" -Jen "Wow. A book hangover isn’t something that happens to me very often, even from my very favorite reads. But Melissa Collins gave me one hell of a hangover." -Mo


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Cover Reveal-- All or Nothing by C.C. Wood

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RELEASE DATE: September 21, 2015

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He ruined me. 

 Even though I knew he was playing games, I couldn't resist him. He was under my skin, in my blood, and deep in my bones. 

 He saved me. 

 My life was a lie and I had no idea. He forced me to see the truth. Although it hurt, he healed me.

 Because of him, I was strong enough to survive.


About the author


CC Wood is a native Texan that grew up either reading or playing the piano. Years later, she’s still not grown up and doing the same things. Since the voices in her head never shut up, C.C. decided to share their crazy stories and started writing books.
Now that she has a baby girl at home, C.C.’s non-writing time is usually spent cleaning up poopy diapers or feeding the poop machine. Sometimes she teaches piano, cooks, or spends time bugging her hubby and two beagles. Follow CC on Facebook and Goodreads. She also has a website that offers special content and updates.


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Cover Reveal-- Uncontrollable by C.A. Harms







Author: CA Harms
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Key West Series #3
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: September 15, 2015


Avery Nolan’s father has never been a part of her life.

As a result, she finds herself becoming a caretaker. Always trying to please other people, willing to tuck her own concerns aside for the happiness of others.

She is selfless.

She is a nurturer.

On the outside, it appears Kade Thomas has it all, but no one can understand the guilt and ache he feels daily.

He is haunted by his past. 

Every time he closes his eyes, he finds himself reliving the same nightmare, over and over again.

He blames himself for the loss of Jenna.

He pushed her too far and she paid the price. 

Avery saw something special in Kade, from the first day she met him—she could feel it. 

But the darkness that consumes him is…


Will she finally be the one to break down the walls he’s built around his heart and soul?
Or will she find some walls are just Indestructible…


Wicked by Design - Robin Harper




RJ Ritchie


CA Harms 
C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.


Blog Tour & Review-- Delayed Penalty by Sophia Henry

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Pilots Hockey #1
Sophia Henry
Releasing Sept 1st, 2015

She closed her heart long ago. He just wants to open her mind. For fans of Toni Aleo and Sawyer Bennett, the debut of Sophia Henry’s red-hot Detroit Pilots series introduces a hockey team full of complicated men who fight for love.

Auden Berezin is used to losing people: her father, her mother, her first love. Now, just when she believes those childhood wounds are finally healing, she loses something else: the soccer scholarship that was her ticket to college. Scrambling to earn tuition money, she’s relieved to find a gig translating for a Russian minor-league hockey player—until she realizes that he’s the same dangerously sexy jerk who propositioned her at the bar the night before.

Equal parts muscle and scar tissue, Aleksandr Varenkov knows about trauma. Maybe that’s what draws him to Auden. He also lost his family too young, and he channeled the pain into his passions: first hockey, then vodka and women. But all that seems to just melt away the instant he kisses Auden and feels a jolt of desire as sudden and surprising as a hard check on the ice.

After everything she’s been through, Auden can’t bring herself to trust any man, let alone a hot-headed puck jockey with a bad reputation. Aleksandr just hopes she’ll give him a chance—long enough to prove he’s finally met the one who makes him want to change.

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I’m pretty sure there were only two ways Crazy Hair could have looked better than he had at O’Callaghan’s. The first was as he did right now: sitting on a bench in the locker room wearing nothing but the lower half of his uniform, including his skates, sweat rolling over his sinewy pecs and creating a happy trail all the way into his hockey pants.
The second way—I can only assume—would be if he were completely naked.

“Aleksandr, this is Auden Berezin. She will be your translator.”

“I don’t need a translator.”

I almost laughed, because he’d said he didn’t need a translator in Russian.

“You must talk with the media at some point, Sasha. They’re riding my ass to get better answers from you than ‘was good game.’ ”

Aleksandr Varenkov, hot Russian hockey god, laughed, showing the perfect set of white teeth I’d noticed at the bar.

“You have your teeth in, but you haven’t even showered yet?” Orlenko asked.

Was Orlenko a mind reader? I sure hope not, because I would be fired for thinking about my client naked.

“I wanted to look good for pictures.” Aleksandr winked at me. Then he stood, and drops of sweat raced down the hard planes of his chest.

I’d never been so envious of perspiration in my life.

“Sometimes I talk in the shower. Will she translate for me in there?”

My cheeks began to burn, so I averted my eyes, lowering them to the black Cyrillic script tattooed down his sides, then thought better of that line of sight and studied the soiled beige carpet below my feet.

“Aleks—” Orlenko sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“Zhenya,” Aleksandr began. “You know I’m kidding, yes?” 

He shoved a towel onto the shelf above his nameplate and walked away without waiting for an answer.

“Yes,” Orlenko hissed. He’d said it under his breath, but I heard him and wondered what my grandpa had gotten me into. “Well, that was Aleksandr Varenkov, your client. He’s a talented player and a good man. But he can be a little—”

“Douchey?” I offered in English. I shouldn’t have said it, considering Grandpa’s professional reputation was in my hands. Then again, Evgeny Orlenko was Grandpa’s friend first, so maybe he wouldn’t be too hard on me. Besides, Grandpa knew what kind of mouth I had, and he’d sent me for the job anyway.

Orlenko laughed, and continued in Russian. “Wild was the word I was looking for, but your adjective may not be that far off.”

“I’ve got it, Mr. Orlenko.”

“Are you sure?” He inspected me through thick black-rimmed glasses that were too small for his puffy face.

“As a college student with an active social life, I’ve learned how to handle arrogant douche bags.” This time I was being paid to handle one.

“I shouldn’t be having this conversation about one of my clients,” Mr. Orlenko said, his lips quirking up, then back into a tight line. At least he was trying to keep a straight face. “You’re like a breath of fresh air, Audushka. I hope you stay that way even with his off-ice antics.”

Off-ice antics? What the hell did that mean and why would I have to deal with them? “Will I have to hang out with him outside of the arena? I thought I was here to translate for media interviews after games and some practices.”

“Aleksandr speaks very little English. He’ll need your assistance in all aspects of his career; interviews, community service. At least, until he gets acclimated. Vitya said you were here for the month, is that correct?”

“Yep. All of winter break.”

“You’ll be putting in a lot of hours.”

“I’m a hard worker. And I need the cash. Got cut from the soccer team, and I have to replace the scholarship money I lost.” I was running my mouth again. Maybe I did need to tone it down.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. The being-cut part.” He cleared his throat. “Here’s my card. I wrote my cell number on the back. If you have any trouble or if Aleksandr makes you uncomfortable in any way, please give me a call.”

“Thanks.” I scanned the card wondering if I should try to memorize his number now, since I wasn’t sure how stable this client sounded.

After Orlenko left the locker room, I realized I hadn’t asked him what I should do next, and he hadn’t given me instructions as to where I should wait while Aleksandr showered. Since I wasn’t part of the media, I was extremely aware of being the intruder standing in a room of half-naked men. A shower shouldn’t take very long, so I dug my e-reader out of my messenger bag and sat down on the stool that Aleksandr had just vacated.

“Ewww.” I jumped up and skimmed my palm against my damp backside. Hadn’t even thought about any runaway sweat that might’ve dripped from Aleksandr’s lean, hard body onto the stool.

Stop. Just stop thinking about the shiny, wet flesh covering his impeccably carved frame.


"I'm not seeing anyone right now. Not that it's any of your business."
"Just checking out the competition."
"You have no competition because you aren't in the running. We have to work together. We can't be involved. Simple as that."
"Nothing is ever simple, Auden."

Auden and Aleksandr's story was great!!

Being thrown together might not have been the best thing at the beginning, but it was just what they needed.

Auden was down on her luck after losing her soccer scholarship, not to mention she hasn't exactly had the best life. To get a little extra cash over the winter break, she decides to get a job as a Russian translater for a local hockey team. Problem was, the guy she was supposed to help was the same guy that tried to pick her up at a bar not too long ago.

Aleksandr came over from Russia to change his life, and to try and move forward after a tragic loss. On the outside, he seems to be a player, not just on the ice, and a rather non-pleasant person to be around. But once Auden entered the locker room that first's was on!

"Aleksandr didn't know who he was hitting on, because no matter how attracted we were to each other, I'd never give him a chance."

I enjoyed the banter between these two. 

For Aleksandr, he was finally finding someone he could share his heartache to. Someone to confide in. He felt alone in his thoughts until Auden showed him an outlet.

For Auden, it was an attraction she never saw coming. She always kept people at a distance because she felt that everyone would eventually leave her. She couldn't chance it....or could she?

"Aleksandr was an untouchable man I wanted to touch so badly."

I also really liked the build up. Yes, there was an instant attraction, but it wasn't acted upon as quickly. Did they want to? Well yeah, but lets just say that a lot of things kept delaying the action;)

Not only was this a story about these two characters, but there was also many other little stories intertwined inside. From Auden's sudden push into singing and then to a family secret that is revealed and changes her entire life.

I'm excited for the next book in this series!!! I wonder who it will be about...hmmmmmm?

"How well you live makes a difference, not how long."

Sophia Henry, a proud Detroit native, fell in love with reading, writing, and hockey all before she became a teenager. She did not, however, fall in love with snow. So after graduating with an English degree from Central Michigan University, she moved to North Carolina, where she spends her time writing books featuring hockey-playing heroes, chasing her two high-energy sons, watching her beloved Detroit Red Wings, and rocking out at concerts with her husband.

Aug 25, 2015

Series Tour & Reviews--- Caged Trilogy by Shay Savage

Liam & Tria’s gritty love story concludes in RELEASED!
Released (Book Three) Caged Series
Barnes & Noble:


Oblivion is a sweet, sweet place.

No pain. No disturbing thoughts of the past. No guilt from my recent actions.

Deep down, there is still a part of me that knows how screwed up I am. I don’t see a way out, not now. Tria’s gone, and the possibility of her forgiving me in my current state is exactly zero. I know I have to pull myself together, accept my responsibilities, and try to make amends, but I have no idea where to start.

No job. No apartment. I’m living on the streets with the other junkies. As little as I had to offer Tria before, I have nothing to give her now. The only way out is to come clean and tell Tria the truth about my past, but the idea of reliving the memories is so painful, I can’t think about it long enough to figure out a solution.

I’ve hit rock bottom, and I don’t even know which way is up any more.

Released Excerpt 

I watched Yolanda walk out of the cage.  Apparently, I kept looking in her direction too long.  I took a blow to the head before I realized the fight had started.

I stumbled back, shook my head, and regained my footing.  I raised my fists up in front of my face, and danced lightly on my toes, waiting for his next move.  We circled slowly, jabbing but not finding our marks.  My head swam again.

I needed to put an end to this.  I needed to get it over with so I could take my winnings and get more smack.  I had come down too hard and too fast.  I had to get straight again.

I rushed him, striking out with my right and then my left.  I took an elbow to the face, and felt my neck snap back.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back, and the guy was straddling my chest.  I registered my head being thrown from side to side with punches, but I couldn’t focus enough to get him off me.  I jabbed at his sides, but it was ineffective.

With my head spinning, I slammed my hand against the ground three times.

“Woo hoo!”  The challenger jumped off of me and started running around the small cage.

I could hear cheers, boos, and people screaming at me, but I couldn’t comprehend the words.  I rolled over and pushed myself up before stumbling out of the cage.

“Jesus, Liam!”  Back in the locker room, Yolanda fussed around the cut over my eye and my bloody lip as I tried to push her hands away and get my jeans back on.  “What the hell is wrong with you tonight?”

“Just forget it!” I yelled.  “I need to get going.”

“Oh yeah?  Why’s that?  You got nothing waiting for you at home.”

I pulled my shoulders close together and bit down on the pad of my thumb.  I didn’t remember telling Yolanda about Tria leaving, but apparently I had.  I was afraid to open my mouth now.  I tensed every muscle to keep myself from trembling.  If Yolanda noticed, she’d figure out why.

If she figured it out, she’d stop me.

Is that such a bad thing?

Yes, most definitely.

I couldn’t risk it.  I couldn’t have Yolanda knowing what I was doing and dragging me somewhere to clean up.  She would take back the cash she’d just given me, and I’d be royally fucked.  I couldn’t let that happen.

“I gotta go,” I said again.  I shouldered past her and out the door, ignoring her calls after me.  I didn’t stop at the bar or acknowledge the fans around me as I left.

I took the cash I’d earned to Max and traded it for all the heroin I could get.  I returned to my apartment and banged up.


Everything was perfect.

Review for Caged: Released

"It didn't matter that I'd screwed up in the most profound of ways. It didn't matter that I'd out her life in danger-something I swore I'd never do to another woman..."

Okay...Give me a sec...I have to process this...

AMAZING ending to the series!!! 

After the gut-wrenching cliffhanger in Trapped, I was so scared to start this one. I had to have my questions answered, but I went in worried of what I was about to read. I knew it would be emotional...boy was it!

"Nothing mattered except for the next fix."
My heart BROKE for Liam and Tria! I will tell you that I honestly didn't know how their relationship was going to end up. But I was rooting for them soooo hard!

Liam. That man pulled at my heart so much. With news he wasn't expecting, he lost it. He turned into the person he used to be. He went back to the dark side of drugs. He lost himself once again and it was almost too much to handle. It was very real and you could feel the emotion behind his pain.

Tria amazed me. Being at the young age that she was, she handled the situation with such maturity. She was exactly what Liam needed to get back to the person everyone knew he was. She centered him. 

"I was never one to swallow my pride, but sometimes it's the only choice you have."

When the secret that Liam had been keeping was revealed---I'll warn you now---it's absolutely heartbreaking!!! Like rip your heart out, stomp on it, and then throw it-heartbreaking. My mind couldn't even fathom what he experienced and you suddenly understand his actions more.

You finally get why he has done what he has. Why he uses. Why he fights. Why he pushes people away. Why he's scared of a future with Tria. 

Another aspect of this book, and the series, is the family dynamic. Liam's family has watched his downfall, and yet, they still want a relationship with him. It really is a beautiful transformation thoughout this story.

"You're a good guy, Liam. Did you know that?"
"You made me that way."
"No, you were already like that."
"Yes, you were. From the very first time we met, you were my hero."

I have enjoyed this series so much! Shay Savage knows how to grab ahold of you from the start and keep you entranced inside the pages of her books! 

Beautiful story and I'm a little upset that it's over, but I'm very happy with the outcome:)

"You can't drag someone back from darkness until they're ready to go with you."

CAGED Series Reading Order

Takedown (Book One) Caged Series
Barnes & Noble:

Review of Caged: Takedown Teague

"I was never one to harp on anything, but I had the feeling getting her out of my system wasn't going to be easy."

I'm so in love with Liam "Takedown" Teague and Tria Lynn!!!

When I started this book I thought it would be soul-based on cage fighting, but I was so wrong! It was much more!

Liam lived, breathed, and sweat cage fighting. He didn't get the nickname "Takedown" for nothing! It was his "Element...My show. My life. My one and only love." He spent years escaping the life he used to have. He didn't want to know that Liam anymore. He lived a rather lonesome life until one day...or night all changed.

"I think all in all, you're better off with me than by yourself."
"Better the evil I know?"
"Something like that, but you don't know me, either."
"You're my hero."

Tria was running from a whole different situation. I'm talking...WOW! She keeps mum about her past life, but when it's revealed, I was a little shocked! She's tough, but innocent. She's young, but has seen so much. Liam entered her world in a flash and she couldn't let him go.

"What she needs is not what I have to offer."

I enjoyed the chemistry between these two. Although this is all in Liam's POV, you can feel her emotions throughout. This wasn't an insta-love story at all! They had a strong friendship that showed common ground between them.

Between the long walks and conversations, feelings turned into something more and I loved reading how Liam handled those said feelings. He was funny at some points, and yet, he was just a vulnerable as Tria was.

"You really do like being in there, don't you?"
I could only nod.
"Doesn't it..hurt?"
"It makes me feel. Inside there, I'm alive."
"And the rest of the time?"
"I'm just...existing."

This book had exciting fight scenes, characters that brought out different elements throughout, emotional issues, funny quips, and a hot man fighting his emotions!

I also can not tell you how many times I cracked up at the different names he had for her giganto purse!!!

"I pressed my lips to hers, and everything else in the world ceased to exist...There was me, and there was her, and there was us."
I'm so jumping right into the next book because I HAVE to know what's about to happen next!! That cliffhanger ending left me with so many unanswered questions. Plus, I can not wait to see how Liam handles uncoming events.Eeeep!

Great start to this series!!!

"I don't do this. I'll just screw it up, Tria. I don't want you hurt because of me. I'm not worth taking the chance."
"Why don't you let me decide that?"

Trapped (Book Two) Caged Series
Barnes & Noble:

Review of Caged: Trapped

"No one ever really wanted me...Why Not? What's wrong with me?"
"I want you. Since the first day I met you, I wanted you."

Holy freaking WOW!!!!

What just happened?! I have no words!! Ok, that's a lie....

Trapped picked up right where Takedown Teague left off. Piecing together the puzzle of Tria's past and helping her move forward.

In the process, Liam is faced with the past he left behind as well. Oh boy! Emotions are running high!!!
"Why don't you ever show anyone this side of you?"
"Reserved for you."

This second installment was fast-paced for me. I was flipping the pages as if they were on fire because I needed questions answered, I needed to know the stories they were refusing to tell each other. I felt as if I was inside their minds begging for more!

Tria's story is heartbreaking. You feel for her and want her to finally let Liam into her mind, but at the same time, you want to say the same thing to him. They are both fighting wars inside their own minds. With Tria finally letting down her guard, Liam is opening up more to her. But his story is still a mystery.

As more and more information is coming out, I'm almost scared to know what demons Liam has truly faced!! My heart is already breaking for him and I know nothing yet!!! Geez!! I need the last book now!

"For the first time in a decade, I have a reason to be outside the cage."

I'm on pins and needles wanting to know how their story ends!! This cliffhanger hurts more than the first! Shay Savage knows how to write a page turner-that's for sure!!

"Life throws crap at you, no doubt about it. It's usually pretty unexpected, too. Sometimes it's something awesome, like a gift that came straight out of heaven or whatever. Other times, not so much."

Released (Book Three) Caged Series
Barnes & Noble:


About the Author

Shay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, masquerading as a zombie, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. When the geek fun runs out, she also loves soccer in any and all forms - especially the Columbus Crew, Arsenal and Bayern Munich - and anxiously awaits the 2014 World Cup. Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

Stalk Shay Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads