Dec 19, 2014

Cover Reveal-- More Than A Memory by Amber Nation

Cover Reveal


Book Title: More Than A Memory 
Author: Amber Nation 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: January 2015 
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Disappearing without a word, Eden Richardt fled from her na├»ve former life in Oregon to start anew in the Midwest. Being a morning radio show host, she’s got a lot going for her except finding someone to share her life with. In that aspect, no one seemed to compare to the one. Having absolutely no desire to step foot back in her hometown of Cottage Grove, her decision was swayed with an invitation to her high school reunion and solidified after receiving a letter from her first and only love from her past.

Living his life the best way he knows how, Baylor Jenkins spends his time running the family plumbing business, after giving up his dream to be an Architect, and raising his almost teenage daughter solely without the help of his ex-wife. In the back of his mind he knows something was missing from his otherwise enjoyable life. But that something was actually a someone who disappeared after graduation; a former best friend turned lover.

Locking eyes after fifteen long years raises deep emotions and unanswered questions:

What happened to make Eden run?

Could their love for each other still exist?

Or will their past time together be nothing more than a memory?


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Meet the Author

Amber is a stay at home mom currently residing in Southern Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters. If she's not shopping, going to concerts or on road trips, or having her nose stuck in a book, you'll often find her at the ball field watching one of the numerous sports that her girls are involved in.
She is the author of the contemporary romance Brown County Series, titles include Not Alone, Runaway Love, How To Save A Life, and Unconditionally (M/M).

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Blog Tour: Ginger Scott - You And Everything After

We're celebrating the release of You and Everything After by Ginger Scott! 

Title: You and Everything After (Falling #2)
Author: Ginger Scott
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: December 5, 2014 


I’m that teenaged girl who has MS. You haven’t met me, but you’ve seen me around. You probably know my sister. We’re twins, and she’s the pretty one. Maybe you’ve heard about my reputation, how much I like to hook up at parties—how easy it is to get me in bed, get what you want, and forget about me after.

Forget what you think you know. I’m leaving that girl behind.

College is all about new beginnings. So from now on—I’m just Cass. And the rest…it isn’t written yet. And no one else gets to write my story for me.

--------“Tyson Preeter doesn’t do can’t.”

That’s exactly what I want people to think when they see me. I am strong, invincible, confident, intelligent—arrogant. I’m the man who always finds a way around, over and through—until there’s nothing left. Since losing my ability to walk six years ago, I’ve relearned life. I don’t need sympathy. I don’t want charity. And I don’t do love.

It’s better this way, saves my disappointments for me, and me alone, and it saves my strength for everything I want.

But Cass Owens is about to wreck everything. She’s about to steal all of my strength away from me, because she needs it more. She’s about to break all of my rules, and break down all of my walls. She’s about to own me…completely.

And I’m about to let her.

*This is book 2 in The Falling Series.


Sibling relationships are intricate, almost more so than a romantic one. Ty and Nate have a very close relationship, and I think it’s a natural brotherly relationship. There’s a genuine closeness to them, and I wanted to show something opposite of that competitive nature that you might expect. It would be easy for Ty to be resentful, but I felt like it made his character more complex to instead love his brother as much as he does—so much that he never wants Nate to feel guilty for his inability to walk. Ty is a good guy, with a lot of really complex layers; he never wants anyone to hurt, and he forgoes his own happiness to make sure others are happy. And he’d give things up for Nate over and over again.

Paige and Cass just aren’t quite there yet. There’s a silent rivalry between them. They’re twins, but not identical. I wanted to give them a relationship that sort of matched their genetics—in sync, but diverting, equals but opposite. As much as they share so many key things, they both crave individuality. When I develop characters, I spend a lot of time thinking through their various relationships and histories, what makes them feel the way they feel and act how they act. Paige and Cass have pages of notes, and I wanted to maintain a sense of realism about their story, give it as much weight as the romantic relationship unfolding. They’re maybe on a path similar to Nate and Ty, but they just took a little detour.

Book one - This is Falling

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About the Author:

Ginger Scott is a writer and journalist from Peoria, Arizona. She is the author of five young and new adult romances, with her sixth title, You and Everything After, set to release in December 2014.

Scott has been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and blogs for more than 15 years. She has told the stories of Olympians, politicians, actors, scientists, cowboys, criminals and towns. For more on her and her work, visit her website at

When she's not writing, the odds are high that she's somewhere near a baseball diamond, either watching her son field pop flies like Bryce Harper or cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Scott is married to her college sweetheart whom she met at ASU (fork 'em, Devils).


Dec 18, 2014

Cover Reveal-- Delivered: A Christmas Novella by Laura Dunaway

Delivered A Christmas Novella 
by Laura Dunaway

Release Date: December 22, 2014

Cover Design by Shanoff Reads


Pregnant and widowed, Andi Porter is still reeling from the loss of her husband. When she finds herself in labor and stranded in a snowstorm, it seems like her timing couldn't be worse.

Doctor Jase Rollins is a well respected doctor who has a knack for being right where he needs to be. When his right place collides with Andi's wrong time, an unlikely and unexpected connection is made that neither can ignore.

This Christmas may deliver the best gift of all … a second chance for the woman who lost it all and the man who wants to give her everything.


About the Author

Laura Dunaway lives in Utah with her prince of 18 years and her three amazing children. Family comes first to Laura, even before reading and writing.
While she's always had a passion for reading and writing, it wasn't until a few years ago that she finally realized she should pursue her dream of writing and publishing a book.
After many many attempts at starting one, her first book, Distorted, was finally the one that flowed and before she knew it, she'd written The End. Discovering Lucy is her second book and she has written a novella Love, Nick that is part of the Nighttides Anthology. She has just released her third book, Twisted Desire and a prequel novella, Twisted Fate.  Now, Laura is woking on Delivered, a Christmas Novella.

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Dec 16, 2014

Release Day Blitz-- The Game by HJ Bellus


Born to shine.
Groomed to dominate.

Levi Wilks is destined only to be a champion…

Number one on the field, in the record books, and in every fans’ heart. This star QB is perfection from head to toe. Only his looks rival his talent on the field.

Not one flaw to be found…that is, until he looks in the mirror…

Levi sees his dad’s dreams, his mother’s demands, and lost dreams of his own. Dreams that vanished one by one as his life, and career, were carefully etched out for him by others.

He was always jealous of his younger brother, Lincoln, a carefree spirit. Some nights he’d pray for a normal life. An average life. But that wasn’t who he was, he’d never have the courage to be like him.

But what happens when Levi is forced to sit on the sidelines for a couple of games?

At the lowest part of his career, he finds himself magnetized by a blonde beauty.

This unexpected girl challenges everything he knows…

And dares him to fight for everything he wants…

Is Levi Wilks ready for her? Is he ready for “The Game” of his life?

Buy Now 


"Blood falls like tears. The only difference is tears are salty and meaningless. They never help ease the situation, rather just create a mess. Blood falls and leaves stains of hurt behind."

I can not express the love I have for Levi's story! I'm so happy that we get to see the side of Levi Wilks that no one else can see. 

HJ Bellus has done it again! If you have read That Girl, then you met Levi. Everyone has an opinion about him. Some say he's moody. Some say that he's just a huge a-hole that needs to get a reality check. 
But there are few, like me, that see him as beautifully broken

When his football career is put on hold, Levi thinks it's the final nail in his coffin. How much more could he possibly go through? He never thought he would see a bright day again...until he saw HER.

"I need to come to terms with the fact that Levi Wilks is my own personal wrecking ball, set out to destroy every single piece of me."

After reading That Girl, one of the questions I had was, "What happened to Jazzy?" I wanted to know how she was. Did she ever get out of town? Did she live out any of her dreams? The baby? All my questions were answered, and boy, was it a story

Jazzy never had an easy life, and she fought hard for everything she has. After her best friend left her, her life began to slow, torturous piece after another. She comes off as a sassy, opinionated, and strong woman. But underneath, she's torn, broken and completely lost.

"How do you look in the mirror on a daily basis when you hate the skin you wear? The bathroom sink is my greatest enemy."

When Levi and Jazzy first meet, it's entertaining for sure! Both of them have so much attitude and built up aggression that it's only a matter of time before it comes to blows. 
In other words...they fall for each other...and they fall hard.

Love is not in the cards for either one of them, but that's the funny thing about love-- it doesn't care what happened in your past. Love happens when it's suppose to.  
Sometimes falling in love can feel like the worst possible thing to you, but without knowing it, it could be the most eye-opening adventure of your life.

This book had so many great moments! I would find myself laughing so hard at some parts that I had tears. Sometimes, I would be so engrossed in the story that I forgot my kids were in the room! (Whoops! hehe) 
But in true HJ form, this story had a very serious undertone. The topics discussed in this book left me wanting to hug my friends and family, and tell them how much I loved them. My emotions were on high alert. 

What happened to Jazzy, and what she continues to go through, is absolutely heartbreaking!! Grab a tissue...hell, grab the whole box!!

"We have it all, Levi. If we can fight to be us in the world."

Like I said before, I love the person that Levi is. Yes, he's rude and conceited. Yes, he's too blunt for his own good. But he is also a lost person who can't seem to find his way back home; wherever that may be. Jazzy is the perfect person for him, and vice versa.

"And I just want to be with you, Jazzy, on the dock, fishing. I want to be where someone sees me as Levi AND number eleven."

Levi and Jazzy now have a special place in my heart- right next to Lincoln and Lynlee. I might like Levi more than his brother, but shhhhhhh...don't tell;)  
I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. 

Grab the tissues, and your favorite football jersey, and read a story about two missing puzzle pieces searching to find their home among the others. 

Thank you HJ Bellus!! Another TOUCHDOWN!

Check Out Book #1 That Girl Now 

About the Author

I am an independent author excited about releasing my first novel very soon. A big dream coming true!!! I'm all country...the kinda country where green grass grows and corn pops up in Miranda and her bad ass music!!! Just a simple country girl getting one story out of her head at a time...I always fall hard for a trucker style hat...especially if it's a John Deere hat....loves me a good ol' farm boy!!!!!!

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Cover Reveal-- Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre

do not disturb 

Alessandra Torre's Do Not Disturb Cover Reveal Banner 



Book info

Title: Do Not Disturb

Author: A. R. Torre

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Details: Standalone, 2nd book in series

Cover Designer: Wendy Chan

Release Date: April 21st 2015

Preorder: Amazon - Nook




1. Don't leave the apartment 

2. Never let anyone in. 

3. Don't kill anyone

The rules were simple. I broke them. Now, I must face the consequences. Everyone else must face me.

**This is Book 2 in the Deanna Madden Series. All books in this series are standalone reads, but are best enjoyed if read in order.**



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meet a.r. torre

Alessandra Torre cropped couch headshot

A.R. Torre is a pseudonym for New York Times Bestselling erotica author Alessandra Torre. Do Not Disturb is the second in her Deanna Madden series, a line of standalone erotic thrillers. While not writing, Alessandra enjoys reading, spending time with her family and playing with her dogs. She lives on Florida's Emerald Coast and is married, with one young son. Find out more about Alessandra by subscribing to her popular newsletter.

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